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by Paige Donner

Paris is a world capital. It’s also one of the world’s top travel destinations. Last year France logged over 83 million foreign tourists, placing it at the #1 spot for world tourism destinations, according to France Diplomatie.

Not only are those numbers staggering but equally impressive is the revenue this tourism sector generates for France: €13 billion in 2012, up from €7.5 billion in 2011.

And the visitors are certainly international with the greatest increases coming from Russia and Brazil but also from China who registered a total of 1.5 million visitors to France in 2013.

So, the question we here at Paris GOODfood+wine asked was: Where and what are all of these people going to eat?



Paris Goodfood+wine, the very first long format radio show in English about food broadcast from Paris is produced for World Radio Paris. World Radio Paris, launched September 2013, just celebrated its first year anniversary milestone. Milestone because this is the very first English-language radio station – ever! – to be licensed by the state for broadcast from Paris. It took the WRP team, led by station manager David Blanc, ten years of lobbying to secure the necessary licenses and permits from the French government that allow us to broadcast from our antenna on the Montmartre Hill, in central Paris.

And as it is a community radio station, not-for-profit, we are staffed by all volunteers. I am one of those volunteers.

To mark an evolution at our one year anniversary, the team decided to embrace growth and initialize several long form radio programs. I pitched Paris GOODfood+wine, an outgrowth of my weekly World of Wine program I have hosted and produced this past year for WRP.  Paris GOODfood+wine is the first of these to take shape.

Which takes us back to our initial question: Where are 83 million visitors to France, most of whom spend their principal vacation in Paris, going to eat while they’re here?

And what are they going to eat?!

Paris GOODfood+wine  The first ever long form radio show broadcast from Paris in English about French food and wine.  Find us at World Radio Paris. Fund us at Beacon Reader.
Paris GOODfood+wine The first ever long form radio show broadcast from Paris in English about French food and wine. Find us at World Radio Paris. Fund us at Beacon Reader.


Paris GOODfood+wine is the answer to that question, radio style. Yes there are lots of good guidebooks available, several of which I’ve written for myself, including Fodor’s, and currently write for, like USA Today’s But with an ever-increasing smartphone equipped population, our  DAB (digital audio broadcast) is available easily with the just-launched WRP Android APP for download onto your mobile device.

So, if it’s your first (or even second or 10th!) time visiting Paris and you want to know, and you want to know NOW, where a few good dining choices are in the city where you are sure to get a good meal, look no further than our restaurant review segments on Paris GOODfood+wine, with guest restaurant critic, Alec Lobrano.  Or, perhaps you would like to visit a few fresh markets while in town, pick up some lovely cheeses, fresh baguettes, maybe a few sausages and some fruit? Our Paris Market Report journalist, Emily Dilling, introduces you to some of the best Parisian fresh markets and talks with some of their superstar fresh produce providers. To round out the program, Gabrielle Mondesire offers insights into some of the more unique aspects of Parisian culinary culture and I, well, I will tell you all about French wines and lead you to some of the city’s best wine bars, wine cellars and wine events and also provide you with in-person interviews of some of Paris’s culinary personalities and people of note.

With Paris GOODfood+wine we hope to share with you our passion for French food and wine as we find it existing uniquely here in the City of Lights, aka the World’s Top Tourism Destination for Food And Wine.

And your support of this tasty radio project is greatly appreciated!


To find out more about Paige and to contact her go to


Paige Donner @localfoodwine

Paige Donner is the 10BEST/ USA Today Paris Travel Contributor and Expert. She also hosts the radio show, GOODfood+wine on World Radio Paris.

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