Travel Writing Award FAQ

Thank you for your interest in our travel writing award. Below we list common questions we receive about the award which may help you in submitting your entry.

1) I sent my article in two weeks ago. Why isn’t it published?

We generally publish two or three award articles per day. Over the first seven awards, we have had an average of 200-300 posts per award. Please be patient and we will give your article the attention it deserves and post it as soon as we can.

2) What is in a good title?

Please include the name of the country your article is about as it helps us file your entry into the correct country list for our archives. Something catchy about your story is always good for a title.

3) Where should my article be about?

A great article can be about any destination. Please be advised, however that it might take longer to publish posts about the USA because of the amount of posts we receive about it. It takes longer to post articles about the USA because we space out the time between like-destinations to give our readers a variety of destinations to read about.

4) What are you looking for in an entry?

A good entry is G-rated and does not include references to alcohol, drugs, sex etc. A good article takes the reader to the destination. What do you smell/taste/hear/feel etc. Instead of “telling” the reader about a place, take them there instead. Paint a picture of your surroundings with words.

5) What should my article be about?

A unique, personal experience is always welcomed. Some good articles are about experiences that changes the way you view the world. How has travel changed your perspective of a particular part of life? Make sure to spell/grammar check your entries before submitting them as well.

6) Does my entry need to have a photo?

Yes, every post needs to have a relevant photo along with the article. You must own the rights to the photo you submit or you must have explicit permission from the owner of the photo that they give you permission to use their photo.

7) Do I need to have photo releases for my photo?

No, photo releases are not required.

8) Can you give me personal feedback on my article?

We will soon have courses and classes on writing and blogging. It is possible that our judges will be among our instructors and you will be able to learn more about what makes a great article.

9) Can I have a link to my website in my article?

At this time, we do not offer links to websites in award posts. Please contact us directly for advertising opportunities.

10) When do you announce the winners?

Click here to see a list of winners from the We Said Go Travel Competitions. It generally takes several months after the contest closes to publish all the amazing articles. Winners will not be announced until after all the articles are published on the site. Please check the monthly newsletter for updates on when the winners will be announced. Thank you for your participation.

11) How much does it cost to enter the award?

There is a $15 entry fee for the award.

11) Do you offer free entry?

We offer a limited number of scholarship entries for writers with limited means. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please click here.

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