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Monologues of A Single Lady Travler in China

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She walked in everyone was looking at her, by herself, she thought it could be paranoia. Feeling a bit uneasy by the idea of staying in a Resort by herself, no family, or friends, just her by herself. She thought, “who does that?” Then, she said to herself, ” I do!”. She began to peruse […]

China: Time Upon Itself


The sun-gold, silk dragon careens across the low, gray sky and like the circular Hakka home, time loops upon itself. Old drummers sit on stools no higher than our shins and bang their canvass drum heads while ash dangles from their cigarettes. The dance isn’t spectacular – in our high-tech world we’ve seen explosions and […]

A year in China

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China. The spontaneous decision that changed my life for the better. As Confucius so rightly said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” This couldn’t be truer, with the past year of my life spent living and working in a rural Chinese village. Who would I be now, if I hadn’t […]

Tripping down Asia’s Memory Lane: My Top 10


I have never understood how anyone can like January. The sad, sinking feeling caused by limp, leftover tinsel hanging in shops, braving the dreary weather without any promise of a mulled wine stop, realising that everyone you know has vowed to lose weight, save money or quit drinking- it is a real slog of a […]

China: Make Good Choices

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Before I traveled to China, I was worried about so many things. Would I find anything to eat? Would the bathrooms be clean? Would we be able to find the right bus? I had carried a wordless book with colorful images in hopes that when I could not communicate, I could point. On the street […]

24 Hours in a China Paradise

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China has more natural beauty than any country I have ever seen. Once you get out of the big cities you will find yourself in a different world, more like a fairy tale with untouched nature. It’s a place you have to see with your own eyes to believe it exists. My ideal day starts […]

Huffington Post Travel: Traveling in Sin

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As seen on Huffington Post Travel: A Review of Traveling in Sin: I love reading travel books; memoirs are enjoyable and well-written accounts make me feel like I’m truly present in another part of the world. For this reason I was looking forward to reading Traveling In Sin, a memoir about an adventurous couple from the […]

A Wanderer in Kowloon, Hong Kong

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A teeming million flows in a flawed rhythm through a busy street in Kowloon. Days prior to Christmas bring in more and more people from Mainland China and other South-East Asian countries. The colourful spirit of the season adds to the pleasant experience of shopping that Hong Kong is famous for. Temperatures are highly volatile […]

Yubeng Villages, Meili XueShan OR How to Avoid Spending a National Holiday with a Billion Chinese

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In the absence of a proper access road to upper and lower Yubeng villages, a capturing charm resonates in the valleys where they reside. At the foot of the year round snowcapped Meili mountains, a forested valley houses several traditional Tibetan dwellings. These days almost every house functions as a humble, though character full, guest […]

Independent Exploration in China?


Independent Exploration in China?  During our first sabbatical year, George and I traveled to several places I had always wanted to see like the Xi’an Warriors in China. After college in 1990, I studied ceramics for several years and learned to throw pots in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. I took class on Tuesday mornings […]