5 Places Around The Globe Where You Need a Guide


5 Places Around The Globe Where You Need a Guide

By Peter Jones

Although nowadays it is getting more and more popular to travel alone, a few stunning corners of this world are a very hard task for single travelers or tourists. Travel Ticker today shares a list of 5 places around the globe where even the consummate traveler should hire a guide or find someone who would know the country from the inside.

In each of these countries, a charm is mixed with substantial challenges along the way. It is therefore useful to hire a guide who will help you to deal with a jungle of bureaucracy, dealing with locals or seeing the real life of the country. Sure, you can travel here alone, but it is way smarter to hire some professional instead.olivia 1


During the Soviet era, many Western tourists had to plan a trip through the state “Intourist” agency and choose to stay in state-owned hotels. While restrictions on passage now are a lot smaller, but nowadays bureaucracy, bribes and verification can really sour a trip to this great country.

Even now, to get a Russian visa, you must have an invitation from a tour company, hotel or a Russian friend. As a result, there are many cases, when travelers even with proper visas have been refused entry into the country or stuck at the airport due to poorly handled paper or a bribe which they forgot to give.

But if you still want to visit Russia and do not have relatives and friends there, it is better to contact a reliable travel agency that will you give all necessary assistance for the trip and will help you out dealing with local officials.


China is a country in which everyone goes once in a lifetime. And in such a trip, you really do not want to have to worry about how to travel from point A to point B.

The language barrier makes even shopping at a store for food more difficult, not to mention ordering food at a restaurant or even simply touring a city. Let’s also add the fact that many objects of urban and natural areas are remote from each other over for hundreds of kilometers, and you get a mission impossible. Tourists who don’t speak Chinese can be robbed by street vendors and money changers too. As usual, having a good guide will surely help you to avoid many of these problems.


This place fascinates by its unusual fauna and flora. These islands are a home to about 60 species of birds, half of which are indigenous residents only of the Galapagos Islands. Islands are also a home to 20 thousand big turtles with a sub-species which are already threatened by extinction.

These are the fact that makes the island a unique place, and if you do not know them, the Galapagos may appear only as an ordinary piece of land with turtles, birds, and lizards.

So once you are ready for a trip, be sure to hire an experienced guide who can tell you more about the 13 main islands, each of which has its own individuality. The best travel guides will organize educational trips all around the Galapagos, either by boating around the island or even flying over them.

tourist infoMachu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is surely one of the most written about places of the world. This stunning wonder is nestled deep in the mountains of the Peruvian jungle. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is, for this reason, it is best to hire an experienced guide in advance.

Alternatively, if you decide to travel to Machu Picchu alone, and start it from Cusco to search for information, you are taking a risk of severely overpaying for a trip towards the city of Machu Picchu or in even don’t get in there at all. The Peruvian government is tightening and restricting the access of tourists to this ancient Inca legacy so that an experienced guide can be really useful.


Kenya compared with China is not really such a big country, but the largest national parks are located in remote corners of the country. And if you want to see more than The Top Five of Big Animals (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhino), an experienced guide is a must for you.

Like in the Galapagos, many natural wonders in Kenya may seem unworthy of attention without an experienced travel manager stories. Furthermore, being in nature with wild cats and other animals can be dangerous. And not to mention that without a person knowing a lot about Kenyan safaris, you will spend more money and pay “white face” fees nobody will enjoy.

About the AuthorPeter is a travel enthusiast who is ready to inspire you to travel the world right this moment. His knowledge of various cultures, countries and unique places makes him one of the best advisors with travel related questions. He likes to bust various myths, loves to share most interesting facts, or makes a list of must-see destinations linking different subjects like “Best Places for Romantic Getaways” or “Most Mystical Places around the Globe.” If that is not enough, Peter is an expert of budget-traveling and can share the most practical tips for your dream vacations on a budget.

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  1. I think you can never go wrong with a guide, unless you don’t like to go on adventures , that is. Or if it’s not too dangerous, of course.

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