The Vic Falls grandeur in Zimbabwe


20131229_124942What is the true meaning of inspiration? In theology it means: a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. Inspire means to fill with enlivening or exalting emotion. I am not trying to give you a grammar lesson, but actually emphasizing my feeling.

I recently went on a second holiday to the magnificent wonder that is Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, otherwise known as Mosi-Oa Tunya. The smoke the thunders.

When I woke up the first morning in our double storey bungalow, I stepped outside and knew I have arrived. From our porch, although it was rainy, you could see an endless landscape of trees. We were greeted by a little buck, that I only later found out from the GM, is called the bushbuck, but to me, it was Bambi. A family of warthog wholeheartedly nibbled on our lawn with good morning grunts, and two wildly attractive guinea fowl popped by to see if we are settled in. What makes this even more magical is the fact that there are absolutely no fences. These inhabitants are free to roam as it was intended from the beginning of time.

Our first day was a very hot excursion to the wonder of Vic Falls itself. Although I have seen it before, standing there with water pouring down more than 100 meters over a width of 1708 meters, I realised something. It’s indescribable. It’s the kind of moment where sonnets are born. I wonder how Shakespeare would have described this.

The water flows so elegantly, on it’s neatly laid out path. It’s an elegant motion because it doesn’t seek where to go. What halted me to absolute silence was the realisation of how small I am compared to this magnificence? I am only but a speck in the total equation of life. A scary thought entered my mind; I am part of the circle to keep this grandeur we call earth alive.

Walking through the rainforest, every step I took was a step to a clearer mind. It filled me with exalting emotion. It was almost as if the universe was tapping me on the shoulder, telling me to stop, listen, and see. Not look, but actually see.I passed a branch where a monkey was fast asleep, but unfortunately awoken by my very creepy stare. Time stood still in moment.It’s as if, at that specific moment, we understood each other.I must say, thinking about it now, I am pretty sure I was just imagining myself, because he rubbed his eyes, looked at me and well, went back to sleep.” It’s my home so please get off my front porch missy.”

We live such busy lives; we simply forget to take in a breath of fresh air now and again and really look around. No wait, I think our biggest problem is we don’t dream often enough. We don’t sit around daydreaminghumble things like a rainforest and its residents or the wind swiftly caressing your skin on a boat cruise.

Vic Falls is a place where you can get lost, not in the forest but within yourself. Forget about counselling, save the money and go sit at the edge of Devils Cataract. It is here where you will find all the answers you need. Needless to say, my mind and soul was divinely influence by this phenomenon.

As I was sitting outside that evening, with the sounds of the African wind chime, the frog, singing its traditional ballad, I was empty inside. Empty of all that is unnecessary but filled with the inspiration to come back one day and experience it all over again.

About the Author: My Name is Jessica Schoombee. Local Namibian freelance writer and blogger. I am an eccentric young lady who has a love affair with writing.

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