The Vic Falls grandeur in Zimbabwe

The Vic Falls grandeur in Zimbabwe

What is the true meaning of inspiration? In theology it means: a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. Inspire means to fill with enlivening or exalting emotion. I am not trying to give you a grammar lesson, but actually emphasizing my feeling. I recently went on a second holiday to … Continued

Honolulu: Meet Mia Coffin of One Please

Meet Mia Coffin at Park Restaurant  2885 Kalakaua Ave at Lotus Honolulu Thursday November 7 5pm-7pm Mia Coffin is a waitress, a world traveler, and would-be anthropologist. Coming from a large family in a small town in California she continually escapes her normal life in search of distant shores and adventure. Being an experienced traveler, Mia … Continued


By Lee Abbamonte Travel opens your eyes and your mind to a whole new world. Travel enables you to see the world through other peoples eyes and from other points of view. Travel increases your awareness of other cultures and people. Travel makes you smarter. Travel is the best education you can receive. Travel enables … Continued

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