How to Celebrate Songkran – Thailand’s Best Fest

Bangkok in the Raw

There’s no real reason to explain why I lost my mind one sunny afternoon in Bangkok. Maybe it was a vitamin deficiency, a desperate plea for action, or perhaps just a deep longing to get under the tough skin of Thailand’s capital city. Much like a scabby mosquito bite, Bangkok is an itch you already … Continued

Thai-ed and Twisted in Thailand

There is no donut headrest involved in a traditional Thai massage. No lullaby lavender-scented oil to lubricate your limbs. Forget the bathrobe and freshly laundered sheets as well. Instead, imagine the last painful neck rub your well-meaning significant other ground into your deltoids and add a pinch of wrestling and a dash of floor yoga. … Continued

Our Bangkok, Ramkhamhaeng

Though it happened years ago, I can still see the picture clearly—the day we met, the moment that set our history in motion. It was a bright Monday morning in November. We had met in the courtyard, waiting for class to begin in the small, windowless meeting room at the JL Bangkok, a featureless hotel … Continued

Thailand: Break-free Moment

As a kid, standing in the balcony watching the night sky, I always wondered if one fine day I could travel and reach the stars. The similar feeling encapsulate my heart when I saw the birds flying. The only thing I wish was to have wings so that I could fly to far off places. … Continued


Bewitching Bangkok

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by CosmoHallitan from America. Thanks for your entry Cosmo! It’s not difficult to find inspiration for visiting Thailand. People wax lyrical about the bliss found on the golden shores of its wind-swept isles, gush about the warm hospitality of the locals, and … Continued

Frugal Flashpackers Fly from Thailand to Yangon (Video)

On September 28, 2012 we traveled to Bangkok airport to fly to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) for our 28-day stay. As Air Asia was moving to a new airport on October 1, 2012, they had a BIG RALLY with the Bangkok University Cheerleading Team to celebrate their move. WATCH: Air Asia Bangkok Rally The Bangkok Cheerleaders … Continued

Bangkok in the Pouring Rain! (video)

Video: Bangkok in the Rain Watching the rain from Rambuttri Village Inn lobby seemed like being on a movie set. I had never seen it rain so hard for so long. People were walking into the lobby soaking wet. It almost seemed like the movie, The Truman Show, where someone stood over you with a … Continued

Fire Dancing at Big Blue on the Beach, Koh Tao

Video: Fire Dancing at Big Blue There are many choices for evening entertainment at Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, Thailand. We met travel memoir author, Torre DeRoche and Ivan at Fizz for drinks and then moved down the beach to Big Blue for our favorite fire dancer. Most of the staff at both places are Burmese. … Continued

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