Thailand: Break-free Moment


DSC01589.1As a kid, standing in the balcony watching the night sky, I always wondered if one fine day I could travel and reach the stars. The similar feeling encapsulate my heart when I saw the birds flying. The only thing I wish was to have wings so that I could fly to far off places.

The desire to travel overseas fulfilled with my very first journey to USA. In New York, while travelling to Statue of Liberty in ferry, I discovered my love for sea and an urge to visit the place of beaches, sand, waves and tides seemed to shadow my mind.

I soon planned a voyage to Mauritius which actually acted like a catalyst to my passion of travelling. So, my next destination was to the Land of the Free i.e Thailand.

DSC01603.1Visit to Thailand
With the dream in my eyes, dream to explore the places, dream to meet wonderful people out there in the world, dream to discover nature, dream to know what actually I am; I undertook this journey to Thailand along with my husband. I went to Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok.

Phuket- the most exotic destination for relaxing and enjoying the scenic beauty the nature has offered to us.

Pattaya – the most lively place with a wide array of activities for people of different age groups. Water sports, cabaret shows, shopping, museums- one destination for action packed holiday.

Bangkok- The experience was amazing. The place offers you to view a different culture altogether. Thai people are remarkably amiable and courteous with respect in their gestures. Spiritualism and the love for their country and Royal family can be easily seen as soon as you reach Thailand and leave the airport for the hotel.

In Bangkok, we visited most spectacular temples, local markets, safari world, shopping arcades and in the night we boarded Grand Pearl Cruise on Chao Phraya, the “River of Kings”, for dinner.
I have been to such cruise while in Mauritius as well. However, this was altogether a different experience. In this cruise, I can see many fellow Indians as well as people from different ethnicity.

DSC01609.1Grand Pearl Cruise
The ambience, buffet, hospitality and the entertainment was extremely appreciable, however I felt the cruise was bit overcrowded. We could not find a single place of solace on the cruise that was not occupied. There was huge rush of people on the deck too. Everybody wants to see the Bangkok in the night beauty of stars and rivers.
We were little annoyed as we could not find a place to stand and enjoy what the cruise has to offer. Then suddenly the weather has favored us.

It was then we discovered that Bangkok has extremely unexpected weather. It might be hot and sunny in the afternoon but it could be raining heavily in the evening of the same day.

As soon as the clouds started pouring water on us, the people rushed back to the cabin and all of sudden the deck was absolute empty.

DSC01620.1Along with the rain, gushing wind of Chao Phraya also started blowing. The wine glasses on the nearby table shattered with a loud sound. People got bit scared and the guards started putting the transparent sheets so that rain and wind can cause no further damage to the half covered part of the deck. Everyone one was suddenly quiet as if rain has stolen their best of moments. The deck too was silent except the noise of rain falling of wood. The whole view was a perfect example of tranquility.

My Moment of Independence
I was staring from the plastic sheet towards deck and was trying to have a glimpse of cloudy sky. Then suddenly a drop of water had fallen on my face and the wind passed by my ear as if suggesting me to break all the bonds and must not behave like a hostage. It’s just the water, the same water I like too much, for which I have planned this whole journey, the same water I enjoy dancing in while the first monsoon rains strike my city.

The weather was insisting us to “Come outside and play with his children”.

And suddenly, I break-free. I was not in captivity any longer. I pulled my husband and in another second, we were completely exposed to the open sky with the drops of shower welcoming us to the ceremony. The touch of wind made us realize that this is our moment, moment to rejoice, moment of togetherness, moment to celebrate our love.

Spreading my arms, I tried to catch hold the cool breeze and it seemed as if breeze was playing the game “Catch me if you can”.

DSC01641.1My eyes want to capture the amazing scene which we were admiring so blissfully. I suddenly became fearless. Shedding all the internal inhibitions, I got the wings and was flying in the open sky. I was extremely happy as I was enjoying this moment of my freedom with my loving husband.

In fact this moment of independence was so unique that soon the overcrowded cruise turned into a big party for us. The “people” became “friends” with whom we danced on some Bollywood numbers sung by the beautiful singer of the cruise. The place of solace had been found with the new friends. This was the true magic of that break-free moment.
We went back to the deck and this time there were more people rather “friends” accompanying us and then a person suddenly asked us whether we want to be clicked here.

As he clicked, the sound of camera defined and kept the moment of my independence safe and alive forever.

About the Author: Himanshi Garg:  I live in New Delhi, India. I am an IT professional and love to write my experiences. I love travelling and wish to explore this world to the fullest.
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  1. Thailand is one of those places that stays with you long after you’ve been, and will probably drag you back again at some stage in the future.

    1. Yeah..Jenny, I totally agree with you.. The memories of this place always stays in one’s heart.

  2. Loved the article…inspiring me to visit this place asap..and loved your idea of freedom

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