Exploring the English County of Kent


Kent, or The Garden of England as it’s known, is the most South-Easterly county in England. As the nickname implies, it boasts a stunning, lush landscape full of orchards and green fields. It’s not party central but if you’re like the majority of people, you’ll want to actually relax and de-stress on your well earned break from work. Kent is the perfect place for just that!


Personally, I love camping trips and Kent has an abundance of great locations to base your camping holiday, or you move around as well. If you’re doing the traditional English caravanning holiday, Kent is pretty much designed for you. It’s the warmest part of Britain so the chances of the sun being out is especially good and a lovely bonus for campers!

Most people will be coming from a north-Westerly direction, down the M2 or M20 so you can start your Kent trip in Dartford or Sevenoaks and go around in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. You can pick up the coast road either side and follow it around.

Be forewarned, campsites in Kent are popular and moreso in the height of summer which is obviously the best time to go. Other great times outside peak are September when kids are back to school so you might prefer the quieter atmosphere. Spring is also a beautiful time to visit.

Things to do in Kent


If the weather is good, you can take advantage of the many great beaches along the Kent coastline. The best in my opinion is the Camber Sands (technically East Sussex but let’s not split hairs, it’s a stone throws from Kent). A fantastic day out for all the family, load up a picnic in the car and you’re good to go. Let the kids run amok in the sand dunes while the parents kick back and relax on the beautiful sandy beach.


Cliffs of Dover

By Immanuel Giel via Wikimedia Commons

The famous white chalk cliffs of Dover are one of the iconic images of Britain. A major location in the Battle of Britain, don’t miss the opportunity to stand on the top and gaze over to France, which you can see on a nice clear day. The location for many an invasion over Britain’s long, active history, it makes for a thoughtful experience.


Dover Castle

By Jake Keup via Wikimedia Commons

The “Key to England” has a long long history, and the roman lighthouse built on the site is thought to be one of Britains oldest buildings. The largest castle in England is a sight to behold and a fascinating day tour which runs through it’s incredible history. It is a very popular tourist stop now and you can even visit the secret runnels built underneath which was an important planning are during WWII.


Shepherd Neame

The oldest brewing company in Britain is certainly worth a visit if you’re thirsty and over 18 of course. Taking advantage of well earned title The Garden of England, orchards and hops have long been grown and cultivated in the South East county. Breweries are plentiful and there is even more surprisingly a vineyard or two. English wine, not something you hear of everyday.


All in all, when it comes to a holiday break in the South of England, you really couldn’t go wrong with a self-catering holiday in Kent with Freedom Holiday Homes. A short trip from London and you’re in the heart of the countryside and on the coastline at the same time. Give it a try and you’ll be rewarded!


Enda Glacken is a native of Ireland who loves writing on all topics relating to Ireland, particularly history and folk tales. When he is not busy running The Celtic Jeweller he can be found exploring around Ireland or on a football (soccer!) pitch somewhere.

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