Making Waves on the Waterways of Europe

Making Waves on the Waterways of Europe

A tour of Europe with a twist: on it’s rivers and canals.     The thought of a European river cruise tour never really crossed my mind before, but it looks like an incredible way to see Europe from a different perspective. The first image that came to mind of a boat tour was of … Continued

A Weekend Break in Dorset

Dorset is one of England’s most charming counties, located on the South Coast of England, it is a perfect destination for a weekend or even weeklong break.   There’s no shortage of things to do, but a car would be recommended to get the best out of Dorset. Top of the list has to be … Continued

A Short Break to Cyprus

Cyprus is a fascinating destination that despite it’s small size, has an abundance of activities and things to see. It’s long, rich history has helped shape it’s landscape over the centuries so that ruins and buildings can still be seen to this day, coexisting harmoniously with modern day Cyprus. The third largest island in the … Continued

Reasons to Spend This Christmas Season in Istanbul

  Istanbul is probably not on the forefront of many peoples mind when it comes to a Christmas vacation destination, but give this post a read and I might just convince you otherwise.     Despite not celebrating the Christmas holiday  itself, Istanbul is still more than alive for the festive period. There’ll be decorations, … Continued

Exploring the English County of Kent

Kent, or The Garden of England as it’s known, is the most South-Easterly county in England. As the nickname implies, it boasts a stunning, lush landscape full of orchards and green fields. It’s not party central but if you’re like the majority of people, you’ll want to actually relax and de-stress on your well earned break … Continued

Healthy Habits on the Road

Backpacking around the globe is a tough job but someone’s gotta do it. On a slightly more serious note however, I find it is super easy to fall into bad habits while  travelling, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Staying in a small hostel in the middle of say, Bangkok, is not very conducive … Continued

Money money money (for Trips)

We’ve all been there: returning home from your trip, back into the office Monday morning and a wave of reality slaps you right in the face. The next trip seems so far away and you’ve spent all the savings for the last trip. Back to square one. Don’t panic, breathe. Let’s get a plan to … Continued

The Family Friendly Mississippi Gulf Coast – Don’t Miss Out!

Family travel can be a difficult one to get right. Will there be enough activities for the kids or will you be facing a mutiny half way through the vacation? Well , one location tried and trusted is the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Made up of the three counties of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson, it is … Continued

Road Trip in the South of England

Road trips are very high on my list of fun travel breaks. A map, some friends, the open road – what more could you wish for? If you haven’t tried roaming around the countryside in a car yet, you’re missing out! But all is not lost, just in time for this summer, here is a … Continued

5 Places to Visit in Canada

There’s always something to see or do in Canada. The second largest country in the world has plenty to offer for everyone, regardless of hobbies or tastes. Being such a large country, you might ask the question “Where should I even begin?” Choosing where to go first is one of the hardest decisions to make … Continued

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