How to Make Exploring Rome More Enjoyable

How to Make Exploring Rome More Enjoyable

BY YVONNE PORTER Photo by Ludwig Thalheimer One of the wonderful things about exploring historic cities like Rome is that they’re often designed for walking. You can’t beat hitting the streets on your feet if you want to get a real feel for the city. You can also find all sorts of things as you … Continued

Sam Bradley: Travel Journalist

Sam Bradley is a travel and adventure enthusiast with a passion for scuba diving, paragliding and sky-diving. He’s travelled to four continents, lived in the Peruvian jungle, tour-guided through most of Southern Africa, run with the bulls in Pamplona and worked as a ski instructor in the States. Sam’s day job is working for Cookson … Continued

Thank you Los Angeles Press Club! 2022 Gala

Thank you Los Angeles Press Club! I am honored that from 2017 to 2022, in the Southern California Journalism Awards and National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards, I have won five times and been a finalist twenty times for a variety of broadcast, print and digital categories! Embed from Getty Images The Los Angeles Press … Continued

We Said Go Travel editorial review process

We Said Go Travel editorial review process Every article is taken seriously from concept to production. Each one is reviewed for accuracy and editorial content. Only photos and videos that are owned and allowed are used. Every article has a byline. I strive to have content that is original and within the scope of my … Continued

Ethics, Standards and Corrections

The goal of We Said Go Travel is to share travel stories, videos, photos, news and information of the highest quality. I have run my site since 2010 as transparently as possible and my integrity and credibility are my most precious assets which are arduously acquired and easily squandered. I have the ethics, standards and … Continued

WIRED: Shopping? Macy’s is a retailer getting it RIGHT!

Thank you to my editor, Alan Henry, and Wired for publishing my article: “Move Over Amazon. Other Retailers Are Catching Up. Not only are orders and returns easier than ever, today’s best retail apps also offer loyalty programs with discounts and rewards.” DURING THE HEIGHT of the Covid-19 pandemic, with dressing rooms closed and events canceled, … Continued

Sunset in Santa Monica by Lisa Niver

Who Won the Best in Travel Photo Award 2019?

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” Larry Bird We are honored to share the winners from our 2019 Best in Travel Photo Award. Thank you to everyone who participated and our 4 amazing judges! Click here … Continued

Santa Monica Sunset by Lisa Niver

Congratulations to WSGT Photo Award Finalists Part 2

WSGT Photo Award Finalists 2018-2019 Part 2 Thank you to everyone who participated in our Travel Photo Award. Here are 11 of our 24 finalists. See the first 13 in this Part 1 post. Winners will be announced in September 2019. Congratulations to our finalists: Michelle M Stephens Lori Moreno Jeana Schreiber Maha Ram Alex Gill … Continued

Lisa Niver Green Shirt

Top Ten YouTube Travel Videos on WE SAID GO TRAVEL

Thank you so much for your support for my travels and my videos. I have nearly one million views across my We Said Go Travel YouTube channel! Here are ten videos with the most views from ten different countries on my channel: Video: Monywa Arrival and Night Market, Myanmar (Burma) Video: Gili Meno: the Good and the … Continued

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Where to Stay in Scottsdale? Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Happy Summer! Are you looking for your next retreat? Watch my segment on KTLA TV about Scottsdale to learn more! This summer I visited Scottsdale, Arizona to learn how to make the most of the heat and take advantage of the amazing deals. Check out to explore the great deals at resorts and the summer activities. Where did … Continued

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