Seventh Heaven in South Africa

Seventh Heaven in South Africa

As I stood on the shore, uncertain of myself, I faltered and curled my toes into the wet, cold sand.  Had I really come this far? Seventh Heaven in South Africa I looked up at the horizon and watched as the frothy green waves rolled in heavily and crashed at my feet whilst mountains rose … Continued

A Calling for a Roadtrip in the USA

A Calling for a road trip in the USA This’ll be the third night sleeping in the car. You know you could find a hotel, but somehow you don’t think you deserve it. You wonder if you can keep driving, but that long night in Oregon flashes into your mind, and you’re not really sure … Continued

Tell Them We Were Beautiful in the Philippines

Let’s do something unruly. Let’s get lost in our own selves and brush all the expectations of society aside. I’ll pack the bags and you can swing open the door. We’ll tell everyone where we’ve gone, but they’ll have no way of finding us there. We’ll wander into strange towns with strange buildings and we’ll … Continued

Hopeful Peak in South Africa

I wheezed as I paused to regain my breath and slow my pounding heart. This had to be one of the worst ideas I had ever come up with yet I couldn’t help myself, I had to keep going. I had committed to running to the top of that peak come heatstroke or heart attack … Continued

Kob kun kaa on Koh Samed, Thailand

Kob kun kaa It takes courage to explore Thailand: Not least when you find yourself hurtling on a multi-lane motorway to Rayong in a public minibus driven by a maniac who, in reply to all requests to Cha-cha laughs and makes jazz hands. Terrified, I use a desperate tactic. ‘Toilet! I need the toilet!’ Roadside, … Continued

A Special Place in Australia

  A Special Place The invitation came out of the blue and couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was twenty three  and had been caring for my mother for the last four years until she died.  I was alone and at a low ebb and when I was invited to spend a week … Continued

Goa, India: Here HAPPINESS is the choice

Everybody must have heard of Goa’s beaches, its churches, its greenery, cleanliness but what you would have not heard about would be its inner beauty. Having beautiful beaches is not the only claim to fame for Goa. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of hectic lifestyle which clutches the rest of India, this sun drenched … Continued

The Watercolour Coast in the UK

The corn ears shivered against my palm and bare legs as we walked, pushing through the thick crops towards the horizon. I had seen over that ridge a hundred times, I had watched my dog’s tail twitching and disappearing amongst the corn over again and yet it never failed to fill me with joy and … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel