Cemented Cultures in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Cemented Cultures in Sarajevo, Bosnia

I arrive in Sarajevo knowing practically nothing about it. Tired and disorientated, my friend and I joke that it must be a decent place to visit since Bosnia and Herzegovina has competed in the Eurovision. Disembarking the rickety train from Serbia, we have no map, but the name and reservation number of a hostel. Amna, … Continued

Keepin’ the Faith at the Ruins in Macau

Walking straight straight ahead amidst the busy people and streets of Senado Square area in Macau lies a breathtaking and impeccable “Ruins of St. Paul.” People from different walks of life, busy merchants selling their own goods and products,  very friendly vendors that offers free taste of their fresh delicacies, simultaneous performances in Senado Square … Continued

Gratitude, a Lingua Franca, France

Gratitude opens the world—it is the lingua franca of our species. Even if we grasp no other words in a foreign tongue, we will always strive to master please, thank you and where is the bathroom? the last of which implies the very definition of gratitude in its hoped-for relief of urgency. Once removed from … Continued

Instafriend in California

Instafriend At thirty-thousand feet, I was reading about destruction. I admit: it’s not the most pleasant subject matter for someone who’s facing her fear by confronting it. But I needed a plan, before landing, for how I could burn away everything that had been holding me back: frustrated relationships, insecurity about my career path, a … Continued

Southern Sunrise in South Africa

Is there a moment more inspiring, a time or a place more appropriate for feeling hopeful than at sunrise? There is always the sunrise, no matter what the day before has brought to each of us, and that light brings hope and inspiration with its multicoloured hues. For me there is no better moment for … Continued

The Boathouse in the USA

I have always appreciated a good metaphor, and when I need to reflect, it only seems fitting to be near a body of water. It was May 7th of 2012, possibly one of the worst days I have ever lived. Yet it was beauteous outside. I couldn’t go to work, not with the realization that I … Continued

A Nice Pick-Me-Up in Croatia

After three months on the road by myself, I have to admit that I was flagging. I had a lot of time to think on the 8 hour bus ride – from Mostar, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to Split, in Croatia – and I was mostly thinking about throwing in the towel. Don’t get me wrong, I … Continued

Still Water in Brazil

I’ve heard it said that you can’t ever step in the same river twice, but I never really understood that saying until Brasilia. A city that was tailor made for the future, that would never need to grow or change, and yet somehow defied everything around it. It changed without changing, a constantly different constant, … Continued

Back to the Roots in Nigeria

Travel is said to be a great part of learning. Basically, travel is either for business or pleasure and rarely both. This time I travelled for the latter (tourism), to go and see what life looks like outside the city. Born and brought up in the city of Makurdi, capital of one of the North … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel