The Great Family Beach Tour to Indonesia

Travel the world to come home

Travel over the years has been teaching me a long, slow lesson. More than teaching me languages or about culture and food and diversity, it has taught me about myself. At 18 years old, I was desperate to break out of the mold that had been made for me: the good student, the good daughter. … Continued

At The End Of The World in Argentina

Having succumbed to the sweltering heat in Buenos Aires, I can assure you that arriving at Ushuaia “The End of the World” Argentina in 45 degree Fahrenheit weather, wearing a t-shirt, sweat pants and flip flops was not the most pleasant feeling. I scurried off the plane and paused to look around at the scenery … Continued


   LOST AND FOUND IN THAILAND          One scenario in my not so old life has just happened this year that really made me lost. Losing a baby in the womb and having a miscarriage for a woman like me is really a terrible and painful experience life could bring…     … Continued

What America Means to Me

America is a tired farmer wiping sweat from his brow as he sits on a flatbed of hay that he’s baled in a central Indiana field. America is the timeless beauty of the orange Texas sun glowing down on the ageless bricks of the Alamo at dusk. America is a child with a red face … Continued

India: If Not Now, Then When

India: If Not Now, Then When “Excuse me miss, are you travelling by yourself?” he asked. “Yes”, she replied rather vehemently. A tiny voice inside her head murmuring out aloud reminding her that this was such a contrast to the somewhat awkward self-conscious girl she once was. That was two years ago. In an ‘if … Continued

All to catch a glimpse of an Arctic sunset

 All to catch a glimpse of an Arctic sunset The last time I excitedly went into a rant about the race, 78° North and how incredible it’s going to be (whilst on crutches) a mountain guide replied “you can forget about it”. Something I was refusing to consider, never mind accept. Well that was it.I thought that choosing a … Continued

Daughters to Zion

            I stood in awe at the grandeur before me.  Nature had taken the flat Utah desert as her canvas.  With sand, water, and an abundance of time as the palette, the result was a masterpiece, Zion National Park.             As our car rested in front of a cabin in Springdale, Utah,  a free bus … Continued

Mountain Gratitudes in the USA

First Rights My brain fog had barely lifted as we drove into the mountains of New Mexico. The majesty of the Sangre de Cristo reached out to touch the raw places of my soul, and I breathed deeply of the aspen-filled air. Barely six months after the final divorce papers were signed, I escaped with … Continued

Clothes to Grow Into in Nicaragua

I memorized all English-language warnings before I left.  Keep your important documents in a money belt close to your body.  Bring change so you don’t have to pull out a large bill.  Don’t wear jewelry or nice clothing.  Carry your backpack on the front of your body so it cannot get yanked or cut away.  … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel