Wind in Ushuaia

Wind in Ushuaia

Travelling is a question of time. Freedom is also a question of time. Where these two intersect, you realize self-autonomy. It is late March, austral fall, and I find myself returning to what I thought I left behind in Canada, winter. I’m in Ushuaia, the capital and main port city of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego. … Continued

Colorado: An Afternoon in the Sun

An Afternoon in the Sun in Colorado I’ve spent many a summer in London. I’ve enjoyed a spring or two in Paris. I’ve had the pleasure of a few overnights in Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, Rapid City, Grand Canyon, and Disney World. Of all the places my feet have walked, I am always happiest … Continued

Vietnam: You Never Want to Leave

Vietnam: Once You get there you never want to leave Everyone told me that Halong Bay is a must seen in Vietnam. But as I’m travelling on a shoestring budget, I’m not a big fan of organized trips. This time I made an exception as I met some friendly guys from Belgium in my hostel who convinced … Continued

New Zealand: 134 Meters of Fear

When the wind rushes over the gorge, our metal box shakes like dice in the hand of a desperate gambler. Nervous, antsy. The constant jostling, suspended 134 meters (439 feet) above the craggy ravine of the Nevis Bluff, is forcing a similar emotion in my intestines. Should have used the toilet, I lament. But there … Continued

San Francisco For The Freeman

My mother was born in 1926 to immigrant parents and was the first girl in our family to be born an American citizen and a resident of the San Francisco. I had lived in the San Francisco bay area my whole life and not once realized the freedom and opportunities that were at my feet. … Continued

Sky Symphony in Fairbanks, Alaska

I was standing on a snow-crusted field outside of Fairbanks, Alaska staring at the dancing shimmer of lights, the Aurora Borealis, in the nighttime sky. The lights spoke directly to me. They moved, surrounded, caressed, freed me from my body, then invited me to join their cosmic ballet. I was overwhelmed. Tears of joy iced … Continued

America: Finding the Center of Two Revolutions

Bill and I have been RVing across North America, free to be where we want to be, do what we want to do. Concord, Massachusetts was not part of our itinerary but the Millers, Bills friends, invited us to visit with them. Am I glad we did! Doug showed us how the city was the … Continued

Costa Rica: The Journey to Freedom

Deep in the jungle in Costa Rica, climbing high above the treetops, all that lies before us is lush vegetation for miles and miles as thin fog rolls through. A light breeze brushes my cheek, as the chatter of monkey echoes in the distance, a natural musical. This is where I feel free, above the … Continued

Mombasa, Kenya: My Secret Safe Haven

MOMBASA, KENYA: MY SECRET SAFE HAVEN When I was younger, I never truly appreciated the beauty of travelling and seeing new places, whether it was in my home country Kenya, or anywhere else across the globe. However, as I became older, I began to see things in a new perspective and gained a newfound love … Continued

Kyrgyzstan: Living with Nomads

Atop the pointed edge of a rocky crag I squinted against the bright summer sun, straining to make out the blurred outline of the vast inland lake that shimmered in the distance. Behind me a belt of tremendous cliffs hung with jutting rocks diminished the 3,100 metre altitude that I was at. Partly because of … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel