Mombasa, Kenya: My Secret Safe Haven



When I was younger, I never truly appreciated the beauty of travelling and seeing new places, whether it was in my home country Kenya, or anywhere else across the globe. However, as I became older, I began to see things in a new perspective and gained a newfound love for travelling and all the things that came with it. So far, I have visited six countries, two in Africa and four in Europe, however, I must say my favourite would have to be Mombasa which is located in the country that I will always love no matter what…Kenya.

I know most people may consider it cliché when one declares their home country as the place they can truly feel free but once one visits Mombasa, they will fall deeper and deeper in love with every passing day. Why do I say that, you ask? Well, for starters, the people there are very friendly and welcoming to visitors and strive to ensure your stay is comfortable, regardless of how long you will be staying there. They are approachable, have a permanent smile on their faces and always lend a helping hand in case you need it,so you can always feel free to walk over to a complete stranger and have a productive conversation with them without fearing the worst.

IMG_20130630_054751Secondly, one is free to wear whatever they wish as compared to other regions. In Nairobi, the city I reside in, one has to be very conscious about the way they dress because idle people will always make the most of it and gossip their hearts out, while the rest of the people will glare and make horrible facial expressions while scrutinizing the whole outfit.

This is because most people have been raised in strict households and over time, they gain a new mentality that real beauty should be hidden under a thick layer of clothing, which gives them a negative perception of those who wear clothes that accentuate their God-given physique.

However in the coast (Mombasa), one can dress however they please and get away with it by using the intense heat and humidity as an excuse! This also gives one the opportunity to soak up the sun and get a tan if they so wish without looking out of place and without worrying about what the people around will think.

IMG_20130630_054820Additionally, the architecture there allows ones’ mind to acquire a newfound independence and wander into realms it has never been. In the coast, there is a mixture of characteristics from different countries reflected in the structure of buildings and each one transports the explorer to a different place and time and allows them to be a part of that time, even if it is just for a moment.

The carved works, metallic pieces and engravings all represent a unique theme or attribute of the country they have originated from and invite the explorer to be a part of the journey through time and space.They also incorporate nature in their structures and ensure that it blends in with the buildings so that they become one…and which place is more free than nature itself?

IMG_20130630_054944Lastly, the most liberating thing about Mombasa is its beautiful, white, sandy beaches and the vast expanse of the blue ocean. When one sits on the rocks along the shore, they can inhale the fresh air and absorb the salty scent of the blue waters and feel the heat from the sun tickling their skin as the wind blows, gently stroking the pores on their skin.

There is no time that I felt more free than when I was sitting on the rocks along the shore, gazing at the water and watching the sparkles from the sunlight dancing on the surface of it.At that moment in time, I forgot my worries, my problems, dreams and fears and finally, for the very first time ever, I felt like I was honestly and truly at peace with nature.

About the Author: Linda Kemoli, the writer of the article, is a nineteen year old lady, currently pursuing a degree in interior design. She is a visual artist who loves creating beautiful art pieces that will inspire those who look at them. She is in the process of setting up her own web page so readers should be prepared to take a journey with her to places unknown.


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