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My mother was born in 1926 to immigrant parents and was the first girl in our family to be born an American citizen and a resident of the San Francisco.

I had lived in the San Francisco bay area my whole life and not once realized the freedom and opportunities that were at my feet. The politicians have not only preserved the historical beauty that makes this port city San Francisco one of the most visited places in the United States but they have also preserved the rights for any class, as well as any nationality to have the same opportunities as any native born American, in this big diverse city.

This city should be known more for its promise of independence as it has a name that says independence, San Francisco means “Free Frenchman”. My family was one of the many immigrant families who flocked to America, who had been offered opportunities that were still new liberties to United States citizens and the immigrants in the U.S.. They exercised their freedoms by running hotels and restaurants in the well to do society in the city and did well for themselves in San Francisco during a hard time for America.

The name San Francisco is shared with my grandfather whose name is Francisco. He lived and worked there in the 1920’s, with my grandmother, the matriarch and head of the household. Over the years, I had heard about my grandfather and grandmother’s business. My mother remembers her young life, as a blessed one, and one of comfort that not every one of the same nationality were so fortunate to have such financial independence. My family ran hotels and restaurants in San Francisco, CA for years and did so well that my mom felt like one of the elite guests they served most of the time.

The city of San Francisco was visited by many foreigners that came here to try and see if they would be one of the bigger partakers in the golden promise of riches during this young city’s pioneering days. The city still possesses that feeling of a promise for financial freedom. See its  tall infrastructures that are blended well with the older historic buildings that make it a most unique city design. It has much rich historic architecture that serves as proof of San Francisco’s triumph over a time of depression to a lucrative state.

It is one of the prettiest preserved places in the world to visit, you might want to move there and try to exercise your own independence. Try to take advantage of the Embarcadero business section of the city that is one of a kind when it comes to statements of prosperity. It has a history of mixed business persons without prejudice which is San Francisco’s statue of liberty without the statue. Check out the Moscone Center where the big conventions are held. Some of the most popular sites that show the diversity in culture are Chinatown to catch the Chinese New Year’s Parade, Japantown, Columbus and Green St, Huntertown with The Royal Family’s own manufacturering plant the Estes Inc. company, and Ghirardelli Square Chocolates, which is now on the national register of Historic Places. The city still has a well told history through museums where you can take in the knowledge of the founders, some matriarchs in the merchant businesses like my grandmother.

San Francisco does speak for itself and definitely one to be explored by anyone that loves a one of kind experience. Not far off from this special city are naval weapon centers and retired ships that can be seen if you partake in the boat trips that are a great addition to San Francisco’s history and reminder of why the city’s multi cultured residents and others can enjoy freedoms in the first place as well as continue to live free.

I am proud that my family shared any memories in this city and had the chance to enjoy these freedoms as a minority like a lot of other present day San Franciscans. If the traveler looks closely and take a little time on their trip to San Francisco CA, they may really be able to appreciate that San Francisco’s colorful population is not by chance. The aromas from the ports where our service men once came home after securing our freedoms, say it all, unchanged and changing ,you might agree San Francisco is deserving of this message of true independence that has always been offered by this much loved American port city.

About the Author: Michele R: I am a former emergency vet tech from the San Francisco Bay Area. I moved to Kentucky to give my horses the best opportunity as I grew up with horses, race horse farm my playground. I chose to write and play with my product ideas as I love to create. FInd me on Writers Café as  St Phoenix. I do look forward to writing as my profession.


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  1. I never knew that San Francisco actually meant Free Frenchmen. Wow all this time just thought it was a name of a city. Great post Michele and good luck with the writing as a profession live your dream. One day I will get a chance to visit SF and take my family on a nice trip to see the town and what it has to offer.

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