Brazilian Sunrise


20173_472583250192_3436089_nI stepped off my first international flight at 4:39, along with nineteen other visitors from our small town. We sleepily boarded transpiration that would take us from the city to the jungle. Most of the travelers slept peacefully on the trolley. I sat in the front bench inspecting the strange landscape out the window. It was blank and shapeless. Less than an hour later we pulled up in front of “The Amazonian.” A small three layered ship that floated next to its dock in still waters. Once the guests were settled, the river craft made a silent departure. Its glided smoothly towards the uninhabited rainforest.

The tents of darkness blanketed the earth, the terrains, the rivers, the small water vessel and the far traveled sojourners. Stars peeked out from their remote shelters of the universe. The celestial balls of fire reflected a glow to the waters. It was like cities twinkling under the cover of darkness. The boat rocked back and forth as waves hit the sides.

On board, we stood on the viewer’s deck to catch a glimpse of the new sights. I stood next to railing towards the front of the “The Amazonian.” Families stood in little clusters across the deck. Our eyes longed to acquire slights we had only heard rumors about, the Brazilian rainforest when the sun appeared. We waited and held our breath as the canopy of sky prepared to spread out before us.

I saw the initial break of dawn came across the sky in smooth tones of ivory. It was as if the sun kissed the earth for the very first time. The largest candle in the atmosphere flicked in and out until it burst into flames. Suddenly, coral and the crystal colored flares streaked toward the center of the expanse of the heavens. The clouds began to dance in the sky like the spin of a skirt durning a waltz.

The sun rose over the mossy peaks. The hills were wet with rain. The greens were so vibrant it seemed to be a dream. The mountains climbed into the heavens and their heads touched the clouds. The small footpaths snaked throughout the uneven heights of elevation. The fingers of the sun bounced and rolled off the tops of of the Kapok trees, the highest trees in the wilderness suburbs. Sunlight poured onto the surrounding neighbors the Acai berry trees and the Brazilian nut trees.

In the next layer of the untamed forest, were melodies of sight and sound. The feathered friends flapped their wings all the while singing of the new morning. The noise caused other animals to leave their tree huts and stumble about for a more quiet piece of paradise. Monkeys swung their tails in a circle and taunted the onlookers. I waved back at the fuzzy creatures. The nocturnal critters ran from the light to find protection in a dark corner on the forest floor. Lime green frogs hopped and bounced from tree to tree to find a more efficient observation post.

The roots of the trees gripped their claws into the clay. They created trails from the base of trees to the edge of the slopes. They dangled their appendages into the streams of water. Weather-beaten rocks lined the bank and on a occasion beady eyes of a scaly onlooker. The ripples of the blue water garment sparkled and wiggled across it’s river bed. The collar of the water popped as it hit the shore. Rainstorms and at times a swiftly moving current had created coves and tiny peninsulas by washing away the soil. Long gray noses appeared above the freshwater river. The three playful Amazon river dolphins hurdled themselves through the air. Their tinted pink skin could be seen as they gave an acrobatic show.

And then in one moment the rains came. The smell of mint filled the fresh air. The beating rhythm of the rain made gentle thumps against the sides of the river cruiser. The droplets of water caused ripples in the sapphire stream, small at first but bigger and larger as time past. As I watched the sights, smells and sounds of the Amazon, made my world come alive. It called to my soul to discover and I longed to answer. I determined to explore the world and find new treasures that continued to deepen my since of awe.

About the Author: Ella travels the world teaching English and doing humanitarian work. She loves to learn new languages and interact with new cultures.

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