Avila Dog Beach, California

Avila Dog Beach I’m pushing my two-year old daughter Zelia in a chain link swing at the pirate themed seaside park in Avila Beach. She’s yelling “high-urr, fash-ter!” I’m growling “Arrrrrr!” Another couple sashaying their toddler in the adjacent swing asks me where I’m from. I say I live here. “It must be nice to … Continued

Marseille, France in bites

MARSEILLE, IN BITES GOÛTEZ! I have just had lunch– vin blanc and grilled sardines and carottes à la crème and saucisses pommes parmentier and oranges. One must never drink vin rouge in the Midi, on m’a dit. – Katherine Mansfield, Letters No matter the good, no matter the bad, one thing about life in France, … Continued

Paradise (Pro)found in Mozambique

“It’s not just a pretty island; it’s a profound experience. I can’t explain it, but go, you’ll see.” Umm yeah, maybe, for dreamers, followers of fairies and wearers of crystals. I sceptically boarded “our” private boat from Inhassoro on mainland Mozambique, to this “profound experience” on Santa Carolina otherwise known by the whimsical as “Paradise … Continued

Kyoto- fantastic city in Japan

A place that inspires me to spend my time wisely with no regrets is Kyoto, the previous capital of Japan. I think there are three ingredients for the place where we can have a great time with no regrets– the place where we can experience original cultures, the place where we can enjoy in all … Continued

Big Sur, California

Big Sur The term “staycation” is often utilized for time-bereft people looking to eke out a few days of sanity in their stressful version of this world. We were recently blessed with our second baby girl and decided to take the two-year old and the two-month old on a camping trip to Plaskett Creek- in … Continued

The Ashmolean in the UK

The Ashmolean In 1990, I made my first trip abroad: a few days in Amsterdam, a few in London, with a side-trip to Oxford to see the Ashmolean Museum. That side-trip became the highlight of my time in Europe. The Museum itself, like so many others, is a beautiful and imposing building: an Ionic-columned entrance … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel