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This article first appeared on Sheknows as: Step away from the selfie stick and call a travel photographer

I love the philosophical question: “If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears, did it really fall?” I believe in 2016 the new question is “If you go on a trip and do not take any photos, did it really happen?” We have become mesmerized by photographing every moment of our lives and sharing them on social media.

 Many people measure their life by someone else’s photo feed and feel disappointed. During my divorce, people believed I was happy all the time. I told someone, “You can cry 23 hours a day and still post one nice photo. It does not mean everything is rosy all the time.” There is a danger in believing everyone’s life matches exactly with the photos in their stream.

 However, I do love to have fantastic photos. For my selfies and for my videos, I use an LG G4 camera phone. It is easy to use and on every group trip I have been on, the other writers say, “Use Lisa’s camera, it takes better pictures!” It really does take great photos but if you want truly amazing out of this world photos, you need a professional photographer.

I have five reasons for skipping the selfie and  making sure your photo memories are stunning:

  1. When you take a selfie or take the family photos yourself, you sometimes miss being in the moment. Make sure to be center in your vacation or special day and let a professional handle the photos.  

Image: Flytographer Photo Shoot with Amy in New Orleans


I loved working with Flytographer’s professional team. It was simple to set up my photo shoot and they only use local photographers. Our photo shoot in New Orleans was also an insider’s personalized tour through the French Quarter.  Their tag line “Some Trips Deserve More Than Selfies” is true. For your engagement, bachelorette party or girlfriend get-away you want great photos. With a team of over 350 local photographers in 175 cities around the world, what are you waiting for?

Get photos that are flattering and are of everyone in your group together. Even better you will receive your photos in 5 days. Prices start at $250 USD.

2. There is no way to take a selfie while skiing down the slopes or on an amusement park ride. Let the professionals at SharpShooter Imaging capture your day in the snow or in the park.

Image: SharpShooter Imaging at Park City Mountain

While riding the chairlift at Park City, Utah, I saw a man with his skis in his hands jumping in the air and having a photo taken by a professional photographer. After my next run, I went to investigate. Bo explained to me that I could have a photo session at the top of the mountain and be photographed while skiing on specific runs. At the end of the day, you can select your favorites and take your photo memories home with you. I had a photo shoot on a sunny blue sky day and on a snowy day. My photo was taken while skiing on several runs. I love the pictures. They are shots I could never take with my phone or by myself. You can have a family group photo or take photos by yourself. You can find them at Ski Resorts, Attractions and Sporting events. Their storipass is in effect at the San Diego Zoo and you can add your own photos to the professional ones to create a story to share on social media.

Image: SharpShooter Imaging at Park City Mountain

 3. When you work with a professional photographer, your photos will have true colors and great focus. Your cell phone even on a manual setting cannot always manage low light or distance photos. 

Recently I had an amazing adventure with Insight Vacations Luxury Gold in Italy. Simon Boucher-Harris was a professional photographer on our media trip. While I took video and was learning from the guides, Simon was taking professional quality photos of our group, the sights and our experience. I love his photo of me during the gondola ride in Venice.

Image: Insight Vacations Luxury Gold Ultimate Italy Experience

4. There are certain times for your wedding, engagement, family birthday party, that you are with a large group and need another person to take the perfect shot.

I find it challenging to get a good group photo. Either I am not in it because I am taking the photo or I hand over my phone/camera to someone and the shot is off center or everyone is looking the wrong way. A professional photographer can be certain to set up your shot so that you enjoy looking at it for years to come.

5. Selfie sticks are so last year. 

People often ask me why I do not use a selfie stick. Honestly I take so much video on my phone, it is all I can do to keep my phone charged and going. I cannot imaging carrying another device that needs to be charged and that I have to keep track of. I will always take  photos but I love working with professional photographers to have incredible photos to share and help me remember my days on the road.

All three of these experiences brought me superb shots. Sometimes it is important to hire a professional to help you. And remember:

Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good times.

And if things don’t work out, just take another shot.” by Ziad K. Abdelnour

Enjoy my videos from New Orleans, Park City and Italy to see where we went, what we ate and feel like you were there with us. Find more activities and travel tales on my website, We Said Go Travel or my YouTube Channel.

Lisa Niver was invited to experience Flytographer, SharpShooter Imaging and the Insight Vacations Luxury Gold experience and was given the photos in exchange for her participation. All opinions are her own.

Video: Gondola Ride

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