Water Sports at the Carlsbad Lagoon, Visit California with We Said Go Travel


Water Sports at the Carlsbad Lagoon, Visit California with We Said Go Travel

Lisa Niver from We Said Go Travel explored four exciting destinations in Carlsbad California. Where will you go first? See all the videos to decide:

Southern California is one of the top tourist destinations in the entire United States.  Some tourists come to visit both Sea World and Disney Land, while others come to just hang out at the beach and relax.  Some decide to escape the heat by heading into the mountains, and others head into the forest to admire the tallest trees on earth.  This part of the country seemingly has something for everyone wanting to vacation.

An area that is becoming very popular in Southern California is the beach town of Carlsbad.  Since Carlsbad is located nearly half-way between San Diego and Los Angeles, the town is a great place to take a break from driving, and enjoy some of the best views that California has to offer and experience great water activities that California has to offer.

A small area of Carlsbad that is popping up on the tourist radar is the Carlsbad Lagoon. The Lagoon offers lots of water sports for people to experience.  Some might even say that it is a water sports playground.  The lagoon has many fantastic options.  For speed enthusiasts jet skiing is the most favored activity, with wake boarding coming in at a close second.  For those wanting a slower pace and wanting some exercise, the lagoon has many options.  Some try their hand at paddle boarding or kayaking, while others test out their skills at aqua cycling.

Wake Boarding in the Lagoon

The interesting fact about Carlsbad Lagoon is in its history.  Water sports around the world owe a part of their success to the lagoon.  Jet Ski enthusiasts around the world should make a trip to the lagoon as the first jet ski invented by Kawasaki was actually tested inside the lagoon.  For those not interested in motorsports and would rather partake in human powered vessels instead, there is history for them as well.  In addition to testing out the first jet ski, the first ever wake board was also invented and tested in the lagoon as well.

The Carlsbad Lagoon obviously has something for everyone.  The lagoon is big enough to accommodate those who want to experience the thrill of power sports such as jet skiing, motor boating or wake boarding while at the same time offering slower-paced sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding and aqua cycling.  Many people visit not knowing how much history has taken place at the lagoon.  Now you can go knowing how important this lagoon truly is!

Carlsbad Lagoon

4215 Harrison Street
Carlsbad, California 92008

(760) 434-3089

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