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There’s always something to see or do in Canada. The second largest country in the world has plenty to offer for everyone, regardless of hobbies or tastes. Being such a large country, you might ask the question “Where should I even begin?” Choosing where to go first is one of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to travelling. Everyone wants to experience everything in such a short time so it’s a challenge to make an itinerary that would accomplish just that. This article lists the top 5 places to go in Canada according to both travelers and Canadians.

Vancouver is one of the most popular places to visit. It’s also considered one of the cleanest cities in the world – a feat surprising for such a highly urbanized area. For lovers of the arts, this city should not be left out in their itineraries. There are plenty of museums, libraries, and film centers to visit. For night owls, you might want to check out the nightclubs and bars because Vancouver has an amazing nightlife. Don’t miss the nightview of the skyline, beautiful!

By: Thom Quine via wikimedia

Toronto, likened to New York City, is the largest city in Canada and another must-see place, especially for those who fancy the modern experience. The most recognizable landmark and one of the highest buildings in the world is the Canadian National Tower, popularly known as the CN Tower. For sports fans, there are plenty of stadiums and arenas that are home to Canada’s top sports teams. Museums, parks, and galleries are also widespread in this city, so there’s always a buzz of activity going on around the city.

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In contrast to modern Toronto, Victoria in British Columbia can be described as ‘vintage’ and perfect for those who love the antique and classical. Most buildings in this area have been preserved and maintain their historic appearance, making it feel like you are stepping back through time. It is also known as the “City of Gardens,” aptly named for the abundance of parks and public spaces teeming with flora and fauna. Being a place promoting the past, buildings of historic interest have been preserved and some have been converted to museums.

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For fans of the outdoors, Whistler, known as the Resort Municipality of Whistler, is the place to go. During the cold months, the snow in the area is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Because of the high quality snow, the 2010 Winter Olympics was held in Whistler and it still attracts high numbers of skiiers and boarders. During warmer months, you can go biking, hiking, rock-climbing, and go zip lining.

By Mogodore via Wikimedia Commons

But if you are more interested in doing touristy stuff, you’d best go to the famous Niagara Falls in Ontario. Aside from seeing the Niagara Falls up close, you can also catch a glimpse of New York City on the other side since the falls act as an international border between Ontario and New York. Casinos, parks, museums, underground walkways, and observation towers are also abundant in the area.

By Ujjwal Kumar via Wikimedia Commons

From these five destinations alone, it can’t be denied that there really are plenty of things to do and places to see in Canada. Given the extra time and resources, you should definitely go beyond the suggested five and explore the other places to really enjoy what Canada has to offer. Most major airlines fly direct into Canada, and often you’ll have to decide to start East or West depending on where you’re flying from.


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