The Family Friendly Mississippi Gulf Coast – Don’t Miss Out!


Family travel can be a difficult one to get right. Will there be enough activities for the kids or will you be facing a mutiny half way through the vacation? Well , one location tried and trusted is the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Made up of the three counties of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson, it is set on the scenic Southern coast of the United States overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

The coast was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina but has gone a long way to rebuild in the years since and has once again established itself as a great holiday destination for families.

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Assuming you want the absolute least amount of hassle booking your vacation, a package tour is probably your best bet to minimize headaches. The majority of travel companies now offer special offers for families year round, and if you’re flexible with time, you can get huge discounts at low season. Check out this link for planning family outdoor vacations to the Mississipi Gulf Coast!

In a typical week long vacation (or longer if you’re lucky), you can pack in a lot. In this post we’re going to run down a short list of our favourite things to do on the Mississippi Gulf Coast after relaxing on the beautiful beaches :

Going for a long drive along Highway 90

US Highway 90 goes right along the coast and makes for a stunning drive. Now, usually cars, kids and long trips don’t mix very well but in this case there’s plenty of places to stop and see along the route that will keep the little ones smiling. Look no further than the Center for Marine Education & Research. Despite the kid-unfriendly name, this center is absolutely kid friendly. Hands on learning with dolphins, sharks, sea lions, you name it! There’s even a chance to swim with a dolphin if you’re lucky. A real brownie points building opportunity for parents !


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Waterparks should always get two exclamation marks, they’re just that fun!! Seriously though, you can’t visit the Gulf Coast and not go for a little splash. The one you’re looking for and the one your little rascals will love the most is the Gulf Islands Waterpark, located in Gulfport. Full of slides of all shapes and sizes, for all ages, you’ll have a peaceful evening as the kids will have exhausted themselves running around the waterpark all day. Top tip : Google for a coupon before you go, there’s usually discounts floating around the web if you do a little digging.


Heather Cowper via Flickr Creative Commons

Lynns Meadows Discovery Center

Unmissable. Don’t even think of not going here! It’s one of the top Childrens Museums in the entire USA and will easily take up one of your vacation days. Set amidst 6 acres of beautiful forest, the museum has countless interactive exhibits/activities specially designed for children and don’t neglect to visit the incredible tree houses!


Fun Free Option

The worlds largest rocking chair is also on the coast. A great opportunity for the obligatory family vacation picture album!


There you have it parents, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is an easy option as far as family vacation destinations go! Hope you enjoyed our tips and if you have any of your own, leave a comment below 🙂



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