American Airlines and America’s WILD girl!


Kangaroo Lanie and American Bald Eagle “Seneca” on American Airlines Flagship airplane!

As many of us embark upon our travel adventure for the holidays we may find  ourselves 38,000 feet in the sky reaching to the seat pocket in front of us-  shopping for unique gifts in Sky Mall or reading about America’s Wild Girl-  Kangaroo Lanie- in American Way magazine! Featured on the AA Insiders page of the airline’s magazine December 15th, 2012 issue.

When you think of wildlife personalities- Steve Irwin, Jack Hanna, Marlin Perkins, or Jim Fowler- they all have one thing in common- they are khaki clad men who have represented the wild world since the 60’s! America’s Wild Girl- Kangaroo Lanie- has replaced the safari hat with pig-tails and a trucker hat and dared to not wear khaki!

Her life is a wild adventure traveling the nation-educating and inspiring everyone in her path with amazing animal ambassadors from the non-profit wildlife company she represents- Conservation Ambassadors.
“It is always fun to travel with animals on American Airlines- the surprise of being seated next to a kangaroo Joey makes other passengers giddy with excitement- scrambling to take a picture of the unforgettable flight experience!” says Lanie. So what is more unexpected than a kangaroo on a plane?
Diesel on the plane with Kangaroo LanieCertainly a kangaroo in Manhattan! Kangaroo Lanie made an unexpected visit to American Airlines Headquarters on Park Avenue last month to spread some hoppy holiday cheer to One World employees! “We just wanted to thank American Airlines for all that they have done for Conservation Ambassadors over the last 18 years” said Lanie.

American Airlines brought Lanie and some of the animal ambassadors to the hub
and corporate headquarters in Fort Worth TX as well. The buzz spread through the buildings quickly as a lemur, kangaroo, and bald eagle were mingling in the courtyard with airline employees!

“Animals connect with everyone. They don’t care if you are the CEO or a kindergartener- you will have the same reaction to them- and that reaction can be very powerful. It can change people.”

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