Yes! Our Live Animals can join your Con-FUR-ence Call!

Yes! Our Live Animals can join your Con-FUR-ence Call!

Want to liven up your next video conference meeting? Planning a FaceTime with friends or virtual birthday party? Sign up to have one of our amazing animals join the call! We also offer virtual tours with several animals. We’ll join the meeting do a quick intro of the sanctuary then you can ask questions or … Continued

American Airlines and America’s WILD girl!

As many of us embark upon our travel adventure for the holidays we may find  ourselves 38,000 feet in the sky reaching to the seat pocket in front of us-  shopping for unique gifts in Sky Mall or reading about America’s Wild Girl-  Kangaroo Lanie- in American Way magazine! Featured on the AA Insiders page … Continued

Kangaroos on a plane!?!?

It may seem like a scene from the Hollywood box office to most travelers- but to myself and a handful of other wildlife spokespeople it is strange NOT to travel with animals on the plane! Even the airline and TSA personal get excited and often star struck by our furry, feathery, and sometimes scaly passengers … Continued

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