The Silence Room


This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Nakisa Nooraee from Iran. Thanks for your entry Nakisa!

 I am not going to write about the beautiful Brandenburg gate, the greenish statue in the Quadriga, the berlin wall and … I want to write about what I believe it is one of the most great achievements of human being the in last century: silence room .

It is an empty room with a few chairs and a dark color, woven wall hanging and a small light which shines to the center of that carpet and these are all! It does not have any symbol of any religion or any group and that was mesmerized me than any other monument have ever seen.

When you enter, you can read the word “silence” in a few different languages written on the wall and then there is a small reception which offers a paper explaining the history of this room. Regardless of religion, skin color, political attitude and any other classification, people are invited to enter the silence room, sit side by side by others and think. No word assumed to be exchanged, just be silent and think.

This room is located exactly beside the Brandenburg gate which for decades during the cold war symbolized the nonpenetrable border between the east and west mentalities and attitudes! This room sits a few meters away from the former Berlin wall.

I was very touched by sitting in the silence room. I regard this room as a sunrise in the horizon of human’s dreams for future. Peace waits for human at the gate, when any faith or believe can not privilege a person or a group over the rest, when all animals are equal and no one is more equal than others. That is nice to be in that room, even though the truth out of the wall of the silence room contradicts dramatically with what inside tries to offer. Even having the dream of that day is sweet, the day which is not very close, but on its way to approach


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