Taiwan: A place to fulfill my Dreams


Taiwan 2013A guy who appeared on TV said, the bad things about dreaming is when you reach your dream you may still think it is still a dream. I didn’t believe it until i reach my own dream. You want to know what my dreams are. It’s simple; I want to put my feet in other country, anywhere. I want to try flying by that flying-machine. I want to make friends with a lot of people around the world. These are my dream.

Seems so simple isn’t it? But it took years for me to achieve that. I always envy my friend who can easily say, I will go vacation to France, I will come to Singapore to go shopping with my mom. Trust me, I really want to close my ears and curse at them when they said that. So what should I do?

Can I make my dreams come true? God answered my wish on January 2013. It began in Taiwan, a perfect choice for you who try to go travel alone for the first time. I will not only travelling but also do a volunteer job in a NGO called Taiwan’s Foodbank. So I collected my money and booked my flight to Taiwan. Finally, I’m flying by this flying-Machine! Horay! I made my first dream come true. When it’s about time to depart at the airport I looked outside. Now I’m sitting here, see the clouds outside, I feel so blessed to see these live picture. For a moment I cried.

Arrived in Taoyuan Airport, there are 2 persons holding a paper written “Welcome Ervina”. I am so happy to see them, they are my Taiwanese friends. Thanks god I won’t sleep in the airport, since it was 1 am in the morning it will be hard for me to find transportation. They took me to our flat to meet other volunteers from another country. Yes! My second dream will come true! I will meet many people from another country. I was so excited I could die!

The flat was so clean and neat, even though it’s kind of small for eleven people to live in there, but it will be so much fun. We will live together, sharing rooms, food, even bathrooms. They already make rules about who will clean rooms, kitchen and bathrooms each day and scheduled what time should you wake up. The most important things are, we are having fun, and we always spent our night at night market and eat dinner there.

We went from one to another night market in Taipei, from the smallest one like Shida until the biggest one, Shillin Night Market. We like to go shopping in Shilin, they sell nice clothes and shoes with cheap price and of course delicious food. If we too lazy to go outside we will stay in our flat, watching movies or just have a deep conversation among us. Feel like I have new family in here. We also have late night snack sometimes; we usually went to Seven Eleven or Mos Burger near our flat, still wearing our Pajamas. On the weekend we try to go outside Taipei. We take a bus to Yilan and see beautiful park, watch colossal Chinese theatre, riding bicycle along the river, enjoy our afternoon by taking pictures with the flowers, and see the sun goes down with them. We will have dinner in Yilan night Market. This time we try many yilan dishes. Wohoo!! Recommend place to fill our stomach.

Almost finish my volunteer job in Taipei; some of us need to move to other city to run another project. I and my friends will go to Hsinchu. We will go there by bus and stay for a week in National Cheng Chi University. We will work as International speaker with other international volunteers and NCCU Students. This project was made for high school students all over Taiwan, there will be more than 100 high school srudent to join this project. We will have fun games, discussions and of course cultural exchange. Time to go aound NCCU, the university is big, but because the weather was cold so it’s a little bit foggy. The foods are cheaper than in Taipei, they even have their own McDonalds! One of my favorite food is crêpe restaurant called Mr. Arnor’s Baking. The owner is so nice to us. He gave us a discount because we buy their crepes almost every day. The conference begins on Friday. I will have my own group whom consist of 13 students. All of students is so cool, they asked me many questions about Indonesia, some questions are funny, but I tried to answered it as clear as possible so they can understand what I meant. It feels so great to know that they are curious about my country.

I think the best part of my travel time right now is knowing when somebody curious about my country and want to know deeper, even though sometimes they asked me weird and funny questions, I will try to answered it with smile. Finish the conference, they asked me to come to Taiwan again, of course I would do that.

Time to go home. Come back to my real life. Now I understand what that man means about dream. When you already achieve it, you still can’t believe it really happen. For me, I will remember Taiwan as my precious dream, it make me complete my dreams; I can fly by those flying-machine, make friends with other people around the world, have a chance to eat their fantastic food, see their beautiful view and enjoyed my life in here. Thank you Taiwan, for giving me a chance to achieve my dreams. See you in another time and another life. Sincerely, Tyas

About the Author: Ervina Sendi Tyas,Indonesian, full time employer, part time daydreamer and travel writer wanna be. Twitter :@SendiTyas

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    1. Hi Lauren! i do agree with you. Taiwan is a beautiful country and the people are nice, should come back again one day 🙂

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