Nigeria, A journey to a strange civilization


nigeriaAyetoro! “The world at peace” became imaginative sojourn when I rose upon my soul what nature had in stock for me. I am neither a mystagogue nor am I taking you into Nagaland.

It was a beautiful day with lots of rightful expectations as I embarked on a journey that lucidly reshaped my destiny.  My overwhelming anxiety awakened forgetfulness in me when I discovered I already forgot my digital camera at home close to my pillow. Sadness started yielding amidst the unending farm of happiness as I reached out to nature. I consoled myself with the thought that my memory stands a better test than mere capturing technology. I boarded a bus at the motor park as I rested my hope on divine help regarding the prevalent crimes on Nigerian roads. If I hadn’t gotten you confused about where I started the most remembered journey of my lifetime.

My name is Seun, a citizen of  Nigeria and an indigene of Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State. I guess that must have unrifled the confusion about my origin. I took a bus going to ondo/ore from the popular gbagi market. After much fare haggling between myself and the driver, I decided to pay much to my satisfaction.

The bus which was a blue Volkswagen medieval model took off during the hottest time of the day, when the sun is at its peak. The bus started amusing me with the rocketing engine running like a thief being pursued in the market square. At the beginning of the journey, I started having doubts of what lays ahead, was trying to occupy my mind with other beautiful thoughts.” all to no avail” as I continued to wander in my thoughts-being human.

The continuing up beating like the bus is leapfrogging kept harbouring fear in me. Until suddenly a voice cracked out of the inner cubicle of the baked iron rim. Yeeee!!! My spirit awakened from the lost paradise. It was just a snail that crawled out of one of the passenger’s bag that scared the tiny man wearing navy blue shirt on what I could picture as colourless-like trouser. This incident busted out roaring laughter from the already bored passengers. The journey continued.

I started imagining how the ocean awaits my arrival, how beautiful and colourful the sky will be while smiling upon the large body of water. I was engulfed in my wide thoughts that I didn’t realised when we reached Ondo State heading straight to Ore. I didn’t find myself much in the various conversations ruminating in the bus. All I could think of is alighting from the bus to see Mother Nature and her babies.
The journey ended quicker than I thought. I knew within me that have almost reached the most beautiful village in the whole of African continent. I took a bike straight from Ore where my bus stopped to Ilaje local government where rare exploration awaits me.

Alas! The most anticipated journey that makes history was beheld at my sight. “WELCOME TO AYETORO COMMUNITY”. I was in awe with the beauty of nature in diversity. For the first time in my life, I could fill my nostrils smiling against medical principles. I started the easiest long trek on a sandy road as I listened to the sonorous conversation amongst the prettiest birds I could imagine. The village is just another “paradise on earth”. Love is so visible that I could touch it. The community is a Christian dominated area with their houses made of wooden planks upon sand filled lands. The houses were erected on water. Their predominant occupation is agriculture (fishing), which caters for the vital and daily needs of the communes.

Their hospitality could not be measured as they ushered me in showing the Art of God. I cannot mention all but remember the traditional architectural set piece of the three-story royal palace and the recipe of fresh fish that stays in my memory. Electricity supply was so immense that I teleported myself to middle Europe. Their way of life is so organised that I brought out my measuring tape for their culture.
I wished I could see more of the beautiful community. Lest I forget, I couldn’t but tell you about how I toured the unending ocean on speed boat. It was indeed my closest tie to heaven.

“All was beautiful; it will always be beautiful where love is visible. I rest my pen.

About the Author: ADENIJI OLUWASEUN Writer.

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