Spend my time wisely with no regret in Austria


DSC_0000023A place that inspires me to spend my time wisely with no regret

As we all know,a place can be area, building, town or country where the living is.
This is not about the best value necessarily,its about a town or country that gives me the enthusiasm to stay somewhere for a period of time with no feeling of sadness about what has happened or about something i have done.
Spending my time in a place coupled with so many factors that goes with my choice of places as it as been said earlier,its not about best value or place necessarily but it has to be a living proof that where I call a place that inspires me can predict how healthy and happy i will be.

Factors that determine spending my time wisely in a place with no feeling of sadness.

1. Good climate/weather
2.Excellent safety and security
3. Availability and quality of health care
4. Social openness and environment
5. Good infrastructure
6. Good access to cultural activities and leisure

All the above factors has always been my focus on a place that gives me the enthusiasm to stay somewhere with no feeling of sadness. A place that gives me the enthusiasm is a place I called my city of dream because of its fundamental quality of life and good live ability it has ,which is more than nice when it comes to peoples well-being of living. I don’t necessarily need the cheapest cost of living where there is high crime rate and which coupled with much pressure and grief. But a place where I can be protected from danger, attack, physical social or environmental threats. where the rate of their safety and security is excellent due to their low crime rate. Though every country has their rates of crime but my inspires place crime rate or personal crime rates has to be exceedingly low. A place where the climate is as twice as better than my own country and which is blessed with so many numbers of nature’s gifts and which comes naturally.

And when it comes to health care quality and availability of a place that inspires me to spend my time with no feelings of sadness, it has to go with a better medical care where they have a wide range of excellent hospitals that offers different types of treatment and their medical expert has to be available to everyone, regardless of income,where I come from or living circumstances because health is wealthier no regret in a place that inspires me is not all about material wealth but also in a way of having a healthy and active lifestyle which will bring happiness about something I have done, what has happened or during my stay there.

Good access to cultural and leisure activities also contributes a lot to no having regret on a place that gives me the enthusiasm to stay for sometimes, my personal interaction and friendship with people and the activities I do in order to relax or enjoy myself will put great value on me in terms of leisure too. The more connected i am to people the better and the less likely i am to experience depression and with so many heart disease caused by depression and while the less of this, the happier i live,the better sleep and longer life expectancy.

So,when talking about a town or country other than my country which inspires me, my focus has always been on Vienna city in Austria, the place that can give me the enthusiasm to spend my time wisely with no feeling of sadness about what will happen or what i will do.

About the Author:Adeniji Oluwaseyi is a graduate of banking and finance from lagos state polytechnic isolo, lagos Nigeria.

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