Spain: Rejuvenate in Majorca


cas majorcaLocated a few hundred kilometers south of Barcelona, Spain, Majorca is a longtime favorite getaway for many Spanish tourists. Travellers visiting the small Mediterranean island of Mallorca spend the majority of their time enjoying world class sailing, rock climbing on cliffs overlooking crystal blue ocean waters, swimming at secluded beaches and breaking out the binoculars to bird watch with the hopes of seeing the ever elusive Elenora’s Falcon. The secret of this charming island has spread outside of Spain and today, it attracts over 8 million tourists from all around the world.

Mallorca’s climate is nearly perfect year round, with comfortable summers and warm, dry winters. This makes holiday villas in Majorca a very popular destination for any month of the year. Picking a place to stay is usually the first priority for tourists arriving on the island. With the amount and variety of accommodation, picking a place to stay can be tiresome. Some visitors choose to stay in hotels, others in all-inclusive resorts lining popular white sand beaches. All these options are good, but none of these options can compare to renting a picturesque holiday villa that Majorca is famous for.

What exactly is a villa and what makes them a better option than a hotel or resort? A villa is a private residence that is made available to vacation travellers going to the island. Many of these residences sit on private land and have multiple bedrooms with living rooms, kitchens, private outdoor decks, pools and verandas. Hotels and resorts cannot match these options many travellers wish for. The majority of travellers that decide to rent out a villa think doing so is a better option than booking a single room at a hotel or resort. They believe this because the price difference between a nice hotel and resort is negligible. In essence they pay the same amount of money or in some cases, less and get more out of their money. It is for these reasons that visitors on a honeymoon, a family vacation or any guest wanting some privacy to themself find that a holiday villa is the perfect option for them to get away. The final reason why villas are better than hotels or resorts is that the majority of Majorca’s villas are located on the northern and western countryside of the island. The location of these villas makes accessibility to the best-secluded beaches, rock climbing and mountain hiking great outdoor activities. Since most of the hotels, resorts and hostels are located in city centers, it is harder for guests to truly enjoy all the activities that Majorca has to offer.

es l majorcaMany people think they cannot afford staying in a villa because they associate them with being expensive and out of reach. This could not be further than the truth. In actuality, there are many villa options for people of all budgets. The most economical type is known locally as a “Casita.” Casitas are much like un-serviced apartments and are a good option for those on a budget. They usually have one or two bedrooms, a dining room, and kitchen and are self-serving. On the other end of the spectrum are villas classified as “luxury.” These luxury villas include everything a casita has to offer as well as other amenities such as a maid, chef, chauffer and a personal assistant.

Obviously, staying in villas on Majorca is a great alternative to a hotel or resort and can be a memory that lasts a lifetime. However, searching for the perfect holiday villa in Mallorca can be a time consuming and frustrating affair. To make it as fast and seamless as possible, the great people at Villa Parade have a fantastic website and is a great starting point to searching for a villa to rent. I cannot wait to go!

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