Raja Ampat: “Maritime on Earth Equator”


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Raja Ampat is a one of the marine tourism destination that is no strange to the world. Biodiversity and marine biota makes Raja Ampat as one of the best 10 in the world’s marine tourism. The point of the horizon is located on the land of Cendrawasih, Papua, Indonesia. Country with millions of marine’s life and outstretched islands form as a natural harmony, moreover millions of beautiful ethnics and cultures that never been touched by technology at all.

Raja Ampat is an islands area where more than 600 islands that form into clusters. In this islands consists of four major islands, namely Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo. But, from a lots of islands that Raja Ampat have, just 35 islands of 600 islands that having population, the rest are uninhabited even does not have a name. So that is why the people on these islands could keep the purity of the islands it selves.




Before we intend to embark on an adventure in Raja Ampat, it is better to prepare ourselves as the best we can. One of them is choosing the time of departure. Because not all of months could not be chosen and having the friendly waves. Usually the best time to adventure are in October and November, because the month is so friendly to do anything which is related with water. So that we can enjoy the beauty of the beach without something is wrong.

One of exciting to do on this place is that we could travel like Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie the pirates of the Caribbean who sailing to the tropical islands and diving in the beautiful locations. So, your dreams to be the real pirate would be come true, doing just like the pirates do as well. Not only that, we will be served the majesty of scenery that is presented by the Raja Ampat directly. So for getting these joyful, it is so easy because there are a lot of tourism agent that is serving us for a tour around the Raja Ampat islands.

Generally the ships that is used are made of woods and designed in such a way as to resemble the ship of jack sparrow with the high sails and wide, ornamented like pirates and others. Although the main design is made of wood, but do not worry, because the comforts of life and services is the first priority like 5 stars hotel. So your holidays would be the best vacation you’ve ever experienced.

Otherwise, there are a lot of ways you can do to spend the holiday in this marine tourism such as diving, snorkelling, bird watching, tracking on uninhabited island, shopping and many others.

Such as diving, this the awesome activities in Raja Ampat that a top priority for all world travellers. As we know that the Raja Ampat has been recognized by the world as one of the areas of the best 10 sea in the world as a diving spot because Raja Ampat is also included into the coral triangle, where the region has the richest marine biodiversity in the world. Based on research in 2002, there are more than 540 types of corals, more than 1,000 types of reef fish and 700 species of molluscs. So based on the research we know that nearly 75% of the world’s coral species in the eastern equatorial Indonesia. So the tropical waters of Indonesia would never disappoint you.




But do not worry if you cannot dive, because it will not make you stop just to enjoy the beauty of the sea Raja Ampat. Because snorkelling is the first priority for travellers that are reluctant to dive. The clarity of ocean water and high visibility make snorkelling was so fun. Up to the clarity of the ocean water makes us be able to see the coral and fish from our boat that we are riding.

On the other hand, you can also do bird watching activities. Where paradise Papua have a millions mystery of the riches of the world. Call it the bird of paradise “Cendrawasih”, you could enjoy by watching this bird by entering the forest on the island of Sawing Rai to see the birds of paradise directly. No need binoculars, you can see birds of paradise from a height of 2 meters. Excepting birds of paradise, there are parrots that have the pretty green feathers and you could meet directly with the bird Malio Waigeo (Aepypodius bruijnii) in Waigeo Island as well. It would be a loss for you if you could not see these birds in their natural habitats, because these birds are endemic native of Raja Ampat. So, when else you be able to see the birds up so close?

All of it feels incomplete if we did not know about the food and life. In the land of Raja Ampat satay of sago worms is a traditional food that had been consumed by Papua citizen. It consist of sago worms, the savoury and salty taste are the characteristic of these food. Another type of traditional food that we can meet in Raja Ampat is Papeda. Papeda is Sago porridge served in warm with fish sauce and tomatoes and lemon as a flavour enhancer.

Besides having a unique food and worth the try, craft is generated by citizen also does not lose from the taste of the food. Because the majority of the population is carver and fisherman, so it cannot be denied that the craft-carving become the awesome gift from Raja Ampat. With natural models and culture, adding to the pull the item and be complementary to your collection. So we have nothing to lose if we went to the equatorial of paradise.

About the Author: Achmad Alfian Syah: My name is Alfian. I am a High School Student from Indonesia. I really love writing so much because it is the awesome thing to do anytimes. Being a writer and a scientist are my dreams. Here is my facebook account :  www.facebook.com/ach.alfiansyah


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