Puerto Rico: Our Perfect Day Out at Frutos del Guacabo, the Beach and Bacardi Mixology Class!


What did we do in Puerto Rico? Enjoy these videos from our tours at Frutos del Guacabo, the Beach and Bacardi Mixology Class!

Frutos del Guacabo is teaching farming and changing the food economy of Puerto Rico!

I went to Frutos Del Guacabo on Aug 14, 2021. I loved our tour with Efrén Robles. He and his family work with 200 chefs and restaurants providing food from 50 farmers. They work as a hub for distribution and teach techniques like hydroponic farming so that more people can grow food. In Puerto Rico, 80 to 90% of food is imported.

Frutos del Guacabo is a family business that began in 2010 as a small farm for the development of hydroponic products, now they also focus on the sustainability of products and processes. Their innovation includes the production and development of edible flowers, micro-sprouts, breeding-handling of animals especially goats to make cheese, and its certification as an agro-tourism farm so they can give tours and share their educational mission.

At Frutos del Guacabo, culinary agriculture is promoted through a “Farm to Table” experience. Chefs, waiters, diners, and students exchange their knowledge and experiences to continue developing the gastronomy of the island. On your tour, you can see their goats, rabbits and horses as well as taste the edible flowers, micro-greens and the goat cheese among many other tasty treats. We had a lovely lunch and tour. I highly recommend you visit and milk a goat like I did!

We visited Playa Mar Chiquita in Puerto Rico after our tour at Frutos del Guacabo and on our way to the Bacardi Factory for our Mixology Tour. It was a beautiful beach and I would love to go back!

I loved the Casa BACARDÍ Factory Mixology Tour!

The grounds are beautiful, there are so many spots for fun photos and they even have hula-hoops! We had welcome drinks and then got on the tram to learn about the history of the brand.

Did you know there are 300 brands that are now part of the Bacardi Family? That it is family owned and 85% of the world production happens in Puerto Rico! It is the most awarded world’s largest premium rum distillery. They produce 100,000 gallons a DAY!

Don Facundo Bacardi Masso started the brand in 1862, and his wife selected the fruit bat as their logo and good luck symbol! Our guide was great and we had a very spirited mixology class.

Thanks to Jared and Andy for filming with me with assistance from Xiomara! We made mojitos first which were excellent but I loved the shake to the music for our pina coladas! I think that was the best pina colada I ever had.

Thank you to Discover Puerto Rico, Distrito T-Mobile, T-mobile and Ketchum for inviting me to the grand opening party August 14, 2021. See all the videos from our adventures at this link: https://bit.ly/Distrito2021

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