Jamaica: Reggae Nation


Parasailing over Jamaica

Think rum, reggae beats and full on sunshine–welcome to a holiday in Jamaica!

Sitting firmly in the Caribbean, this is the perfect destination for a chilled-out holiday to remember. Brimming with top-class all-inclusive hotels, this is a break that you may think costs the earth, but in reality, it’s more affordable than you realise.

Flights leave the UK regularly and I’d suggest making the hassle of long-haul flying a little less by pre-booking airport extras. I like to book an airport hotel prior to my travel day, meaning I get a few extras hours sleep. Another godsend of a service is airport parking, eliminating the need for expensive taxis.

The popular tourist resorts are based in the north, such as Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios is possibly the most popular, with the best stretch of nightlife and many attractions, such as Dolphin Cove. If you do one thing whilst you’re in this part of the world, then I’d highly recommend you visit here. You can swim with dolphins and learn all about these fascinating creatures. I swum with dolphins in Orlando, and it’s the single most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

Whichever resort you choose, you’ll be guaranteed stunning white sand beaches in the north, and who doesn’t love a beautiful Caribbean beach?

Time on Jamaica is generally about chilling out and letting life roll by without a care. The easy-going lifestyle and vibe of the island is really contagious and it will make you feel like your worries are a million miles away. I love the colourful atmosphere and the ever present music in the background – you can’t help but smile.

Of course, another way to make yourself smile, albeit artificially, is by sampling one of the island’s famous products–rum. I’d highly recommend a tour of one of the distilleries, and the Appleton Estate is popular one.

Another of Jamaica’s famous icons is of course the late, great Bob Marley. Fans of the musical legend will be keen to visit Kingston, and the Bob Marley Museum. This is a major must visit.

Jamaica is of course a beautiful island, and being part of the Caribbean, it would be hard pushed not to be, with thundering waterfalls, bright flowers and idyllic beaches. There are many water-sports available, including the famous banana boat and jet-skiing. I love water-sports, I think they’re a great way to cool down in the scorching heat, so give them a go. If that sounds a little too much like hard work, then be sure to jump on a boat-trip and check out the island from the Caribbean Sea


The sun setting doesn’t mean the action has to stop, and night-life on Jamaica is predictably laid-back and chilled-out. Many hotels will have entertainment if you don’t fancy venturing out, alternatively, the larger resorts have a varied choice to keep you occupied. Ocho Rios has the brightest night-life, yet Montego Bay has many bars and even a casino.

There’s nothing negative I can say about this vibrant, colourful island, other than maybe the length of time you’ll spend on a plane getting there.

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Molly Austin is a blogger outreach assistant and writer for an English travel company.  As well as reading, writing and obsessing about travelling, she loves to eat, is a self confessed geek and spends way too much time online, you can often find her on twitter @molly_austin1


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