Luxury Gold Escorted Tours of Italy by Insight Vacations.(Part 3)


We continue our trip through Italy hosted by Luxury Gold Escorted tours by Insight Vacations with Lisa Niver.  Don’t miss anything! Read Part 1 and Part 2.

21. The Verona Market

The market in Verona is full of fabulous foods, including sandwiches, pastries, cookies, meats and anything else you can imagine.  The hot apple strudel was simply mouthwatering, which left me wanting more.  Thank you Insight Vacations for making my vacation truly luxurious.

22. Arriving in Venice by Water Taxi

Taking a water taxi in Venice is an exhilarating way to arrive in the city .  We entered through the Grand Canal of Venice and arrived at the Bauer Hotel, our home for our stay in Venice.  The view from my window was spectacular with gondolas below as well as canals all around.

23. Evening Gondola Ride in Venice

Gondolas are the way to travel through Venice, and no trip through Venice is complete without one!  Watching the time pass by in a gondola is a fabulous way to spend the afternoon.  You don’t even need to have a destination in order to have a good time.

24. Visiting the AVG Murano Glass Factory

Master glass blower Enrico de Rossi was an amazing man to watch!  He hand made gorgeous works of art.  Each piece is unique and beautiful.  We were lucky enough to watch masks being made and even had the opportunity to try on some of them!

25. Watching an Expert Glass Blower at AGV

Enrico de Rossi left us in awe as we watched white sand turned into individual pieces of art.  He was truly amazing to watch what he does best.  We didn’t even know what he was making until it was done, and once it was, we were all left speechless.

26. Watching a Master Glass Craftsman Make a Horse!

We watched the master glass blower make a horse in under three minutes, which must have taken years of practice to perfect.  From start to finish, it was absolutely incredible to watch.

27. Venice Walking Tour

Our walking tour of Venice was wonderful.  We walked over countless canals and saw a public cistern for the public to get clean drinking water. There are so many courtyards and perfect spots to stop for a photo. I loved wandering with our great guide. She explained so much about local life in Italy.

28.  Visiting the Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace was a sight I will never forget.  Each salon seemed to be grander than the previous one.  Insight Vacations treated us to a tour with another top guide.  The artwork and detail into the Palace left everyone in our group at a loss for words at how beautiful it truly is. The stark comparison of the beauty of the art to the small jail cells and the Bridge of Sighs made me contemplate how truly fortunate I am.

29. Staying at the Hotel Bauer in Venice

All the accommodations offered by Insight Vacations Luxury Gold on this trip were stunning.  This was truly a bucket list way to see Italy. I loved the VIP Experiences, the motor coach and my new friends. Thank you again Insight Vacations!

30. To Burano Farewell Dinner

For our farewell dinner, we traveled to the picturesque island of Burano by boat. At the restaurant, Bepi, the fisherman, explained in great detail how he caught the fish and then sang for us! See the next video– just of him singing!

31. Bepi, the Singing Fisherman

Our evening’s entertainment was the fisherman!  He was 78 years old, but had the energy and enthusiasm of someone half his age.

Lisa Niver in Venice with Insight Vacations: Luxury Gold is amazing!


Thank you to Insight Vacations for making this trip one of my favorites of all time and for this wonderful photo of me on the gondola! I look forward to another remarkable experience!

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