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unnamed (1)Something I’m in Awe of. That’s a difficult one. Like many travellers, I have seen many beautiful and incredible things. And the reason I’ve chose this particular experience, was because by this time of my travels in Asia, they were coming to an end. I had seen so many things, and to be in awe, and yes that was the word I could only describe it. It was a feeling that I never thought I’d have at that point, nor never forget. My choice is down to two, maybe even three. I can feel that breeze, picture that view and smell the nature of Banaue Rice Terraces, the spectacular view overlooking the 4400 temples in Bagan, but for the first time visiting, I was never took back so much by seeing the very much published and popular, Taj Mahal in Agra.

Seven months into my travels, witnessed some of the most historical, religious and cultivating temples and monuments across places like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia. Angkor Watt was the one I had planned that was going to take my breath away, it was wonderful, but didn’t meet expectations as much as I’d envisaged.

The Taj had something unique about it. It was almost placed there, specifically from the heavens. It almost looked like it had a make-over or had been edited on Instagram. Despite its age, it looked a work of modern architecture with an old fashioned touch to its creation. It sticks out at you like an IMAX movie in the distance. Despite the large number of tourists here, it still doesn’t overshadow its power and awe. Its simplicity but detailed structure was beautiful, a real gem that is India’s main attraction and to Agra’s benefit. Leading into this phenomenon of art, you first catch glance of it when walking through the archway that is attached to a museum.

When you look through this entrance archway you can see the Taj in the distance, almost the light at the end of the tunnel. It felt like I was walking to destiny, like a mirage waiting for you to get close. The walkway down to the Taj Mahal is lit up the water decorations, streaming down on both inner left and right sides of your path. Its exceptionally tidy, the area is clean and preserved, as if a King and Queen were due for arrival. Getting close, I was constantly looking up, with clear blue skies enforcing this masterpiece, my head peering up at the dome, with minarets on either side towering into the sky. It is a perfect fairy-tale location, a perfect place for marriage or celebrations to be held, it truly is worldly astonishing.

The design and details are extraordinary, the decorative elements consisting of carvings and designs made from stone and paint, conforming to the Islamic culture. The Iwan hall space is specific, and draws you into what beholds inside the body of this intriguing. The story behind the Taj Mahal was a love for one man to his deceased wife, and what a dedication it was, but for me that didn’t make it any more special than it was. The view I got from the Taj was it was almost for something else. It’s the cornerstone of India in many entertainment shows, movies and stories. We all live under the assumption that nothing is as great as we first think it is, and it’s not as impressive when in the reality, I was amazed that this made me take deep breathes and stare at its presence constantly.

Expectancy can be misleading, but truly this was something I was amazed over, this was something I felt Gratitude for, to have the opportunity to witness in the flesh, it was something that was either Awe.

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