How to Help Women in Afghanistan


People have been calling, emailing and asking me how can we help the women of Afghanistan. I am sharing what the organizations I trust are recommending.

The Female Quotient

The FQ Foundation by The Female Quotient supports women and girls across the world. Join the FQ Foundation in supporting @WAWHumanRights, ensuring no woman is left behind. Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is dedicated to securing, protecting and advancing the rights of Afghan women and girls. We are #AfghanWomenStrong

Together Rising is also working with Women for Afghan Women: “Thousands of women, children, and families in #Afghanistan are risking their lives in desperate attempts to evacuate.

FROM TOGETHER RISING: “We watched in horror with the rest of the world as the Taliban took Afghanistan, knowing the unimaginable terror and persecution their control guarantees, especially for Afghan women. Immediately, we knew that we would not allow for those women—or their children or their families—to be abandoned. That you would not allow it, either. As we shared on Tuesday, our team has been working diligently to vet the most effective ways for us to invest given the volatile and complex nature of this devastating crisis.

Together Rising made a $250,000 initial commitment—funds that are on the ground helping to bring thousands of women, children, and families to safety. We’ve entrusted this investment to the Afghan women-led team of advocates at Women at Afghan Women, who are working 24/7 in Kabul. They told us that Together Rising’s investment “means Women for Afghan Women (WAW) can continue this critical effort on the ground to provide emergency services as well as to continue essential programs . . . because we must. Afghan women, children, and their families are depending on us.” 

The urgency of this crisis is undeniable—but we know that refugees and internally displaced people will need support far beyond the news cycle’s moving on. We will not allow them to be forgotten then, either. That’s why 100% of every penny we receive for Afghanistan will be directed to meet the most urgent needs now—and in the months to come.”


18 AUGUST 2021
Statement by UN Women on the situation in Afghanistan
[New York, August 18, 2021]—In line with the statement by the UN Secretary-General, UN Women remains fully committed to support women and girls in Afghanistan. We will remain operational and engaged with our partners at this critical juncture for the country.Women’s and girls’rights in Afghanistan must have only one direction and that is forward. Afghan women and girls have played a pivotal role throughout the history of their country. It is essential that they continue to do so and that their hard-won rights are protected.We are following the recent events with graveconcern. We call on Afghanistan to secure the fundamental humanrights of all, including women and girls, and to meet their obligations to protect civilians and to provide humanitarians with unimpeded access to deliver timely and life-saving services and aid.Women’s and girls’rights must be at the core of the global response to the current crisis.



What Afghanistan’s post-2001 generation stands to lose
More than three in four Afghans today are under 25: too young to remember the Taliban’s reign of fear and, especially in cities, too accustomed to freedoms to be eager to relinquish them. These Afghans, shaped by the post-2001 reality, are unwilling to revert to a reactionary and repressive past. Now that the Taliban have seized the capital of Kabul, they must grapple with a future that only weeks ago seemed incomprehensible. How did we get here?
Photo from Susan Blumberg-Kason Family archives Afghanistan

For more information about how to help journalists in Afghanistan: click here

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