How Everyday Spending Can Bring You Big Rewards


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As I am learning, and as many of you already know, college is expensive! But it’s not only the tuition that must be paid. Don’t forget about room and board, books and fees. Everything adds up. Even smaller expenses, like the cost of travel, dorm room essentials, and entertainment impact your wallet. Yet, this is a great opportunity to use a rewards credit card. It helps to earn extra on the things you would spend money on anyway, like groceries, gas, and household items.

Using the awards that credit card companies make available to you, saving money can become so much easier. Websites like make it easy to compare credit cards that have your preferred benefits. The most popular benefits include cash back, points, and airline or hotel credits. There are some uncertainties and misconceptions about rewards cards, but if you choose the right option for you, a rewards credit card can give you benefits that surpass simply being a conscientious spender.

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My parents have a rewards credit card.  This allows them to spend money on necessities and get rewards, like airline miles or hotel points. When our family goes on vacation, the rewards we have earned from the rewards card helps to pay travel and hotel expenses, and makes the trip much cheaper and more fun. We also use the rewards card when we buy gas and groceries. Spending a little every day on things we need pays off.

I plan to also look into rewards card for things I need for school. For example, if I need a computer, I would look for a retailer that offers a rewards program. This would help me save money for school items that are required and useful. Many retailers even offer promotional rates for certain purchases. Without using a rewards card in that situation, I might be spending more for something I already needed to buy.

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This past summer, I spent time traveling to different colleges. I still have a few more to go before I decide where to apply. On these trips, my family has spent money on gas, food, and sometimes even hotel stays. Spending money on multiple tour days can be very expensive. Thankfully, owning a rewards credit card helps to lower the cost of traveling to schools. When my family and I drive to the college tours, using our rewards credit cards on gas and at restaurants will help us earn points and save money for when I have to pay for my college tuition.

Rewards cards often have annual fees, but it is most often worth it by the end of the year, when an average rewards card owner can earn hundreds of dollars over that fee. Rewards cards are not only convenient, but they also come with useful added benefits. Along with the most popular rewards, like cash back and airline miles, a rewards credit card can also offer travelers access to airport lounges, shopping portals and more. These are the sort of benefits you can compare on

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By learning how my parents save money and earn perks with a rewards credit card, I have learned valuable lessons about managing my money. The college search and application process has led me to think about how I will manage money as an adult. I will be living independently soon, so it is helpful to observe how my parents choose their credit cards, and how they use them to their benefit. helps consumers with that process. The website lets you compare credit cards based on type of rewards, cost, and fees to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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