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1025877_10151442831970863_1412551856_oAll around the world, there are iconic landmarks, natural wonders, and documentable moments in which we are able to take in with such awe and amazement. It is with these places, these people, and these experiences that we are lead to fall deeper into wanderlust and yearn for more minutes, more seconds, in every day we wake up. But with every mile we walk, ride, and fly, we are simultaneously removed and rooted into where we call home. It is a traveling paradox that forever captivates the vagabonding mind, body, and soul.

The minutes abroad, in a different state, or even in the next town over are no more important or fascinating than those spent at home. In fact, the exploring and adventures will never halt upon returning from your travels across the globe. For myself, there is no day like the one spent back in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the City of Brotherly Love, and relishing in such intrinsic delight is something I could never regret.

When anticipating my return to Philadelphia or hosting a visiting friend, I shiver to think about all that this artistic city has to offer. It is home to more free standing art sculptures than any other American city, including the unmistakable LOVE Statue. While most people flock to Love Park for such a romantic photo opportunity, many people fail to realize that there is actually a second smaller but identical LOVE Statue just over on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Which ever you chose to grace your presence with, rest assured that you are witnessing a staple of Philadelphian artwork.

This Northeastern city of the States is one that often falls in the shadows of its neighboring cities: New York City and Washington, D.C. This overlooked wonder we Pennsylvanians call Philly, provides for a comforting yet unique experience with each time you walk its streets; regardless of the day or time of year, Philadelphia will take you on a charmed journey of historical flavors combined with modern amusements. To spend your day wisely, there are several things you always have to do, but there are also excusive must-dos that are specific to the time of year you are visiting.

Whether you are running the Art Museum steps like Rocky or standing in the signing room of Independence Hall, there are several ways to get that true Philadelphian experience, and it starts in Old City. Reflecting off of the Delaware River, Old City takes you back over 200 years with key points in American history. From Christ Church to Independence National Historical Park, the cobble stone streets in between will guide you through the birthplace of American freedom; you know you cannot leave this city without giving the Liberty Bell a proper visit or wandering the very streets our Founding Fathers once treaded.

Before heading inward to center city and in order to fuel your full day of festivities, make sure to swing by the best cheesesteak joint in Old City: Campo’s on 2nd and Market. You have not given your taste buds a true cheesesteak until you have visited Philadelphia, and Campo’s accomplishes it all from the freshest hoagie rolls to the juiciest sliced steak. You will savor each bite and no other steak sandwich will ever taste the same (if you even give another cheesesteak a chance). Make sure you enjoy every calorie, before making your way to City Hall and later for a night watching the Phillies.

So you have gotten your history lesson for the day, and you have now made it to beautiful City Hall with William Penn looking over you. It is definitively the most stunning building within the Philadelphia skyline, and just across the street you will catch yourself looking back at Love Park. It is just a few short blocks from the scrumptious Reading Terminal Market (if you really needed more to eat after your cheesesteak), and the iconic architecture fills you with an overflowing amount of Philadelphia spirit. And now you are a straight shoot away from one of the greatest sport experiences in the United States. Grab a waterice from Rita’s and get your tickets ready, because we are about to end our day at Citizens Bank Park to cheer on the Fightin’ Phils!

The sports scene encompasses the entire Philadelphia atmosphere: it is one that is filled with passion, commitment, and sheer camaraderie. The highs are high in this great city, and it will truly make any traveller feel like they are surrounded with love. While no one can take time from anyone or take the home out of one’s soul, Philadelphia will always give you that at-home, comforting feeling, even when you are thousands of miles away. It truly is a timeless city and a day you will never regret.

About the Author: Mallory Pié is an independent travel writer from Eastern Pennsylvania, United States. She is the creator of the blog ‘Dear PA, From Everywhere’, in which she writes letters to home about her travels across the globe.

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