Pangasinan, Philippines: Being Adventurous!


pangasinan3One fine day, Record To Report Team brought the topic of exploring Pangasinan – the “land of salt” and where Hundred Islands is located at. Not sure how many headcount, what is the itinerary, where to stay, I do not know if everyone is willing to bring out their adventurous side as most of my teammates told me that it is their first time to do an adventure because they only stayed at home or go to the mall during their free time – these are few of the questions that will be answered on September 22 – 23, 2012 as no one knows how this trip will be – will this be a success or a super success!

After several days of waiting, finally it is September 22. Everyone is excited when the adventure began! As planned, 6 in the morning, everyone must be logged off as we need to be on track with our schedule. We went to bus station bound to Manaoag to visit Our Lady of Manaoag.

First stop – Our Lady of Manaoag. Thank you for the opportunity of seeing the ivory image and precious crown of Our Lady of Manaoag, exploring the museum and see the beauty of the church. Manaoag – checked!
It is time to go to Alaminos. 2 hours of trip and all are excited to see the famous hundred islands. At last, we are at our destination. Everyone went to their respective room assignment, get themselves ready and prepare for dinner and socialization. Bonding moment, open forum discussion, getting to know each other to the next level until 2 in the morning – not bad. It was one of the best open session I had.

Yehey, it is September 23: time to go to the famous hundred islands! What is in there waiting for us at the islands? Hmmmmm.. The boat sailed and we can see the islands from the port. During the trip, our boatman became our guide at the same time our personal photographer. We visited several islands. The picture perfect Record To Report Team is enjoying every spot in every island. Picture, picture! Well, the most unforgettable island, the Marcos Island. Based from the explanation of our guide, we will be heading to an underground cave. Looks exciting! Most of us followed our guide to see the cave without knowing that for us to be able to go to the underground cave; we need to do a cliff dive. OMG – CLIFF DIVING!!!!! It is my first time to do this. Common, shaking legs, common Ecel, you can do this. Whoah, in just a snap of a finger, I felt myself on a cliff dive motion. Yes, I did it! But that is not what made my day fulfilled; it is the fact that Record To Report Team did a cliff dive too. To add on, everyone did a second round of cliff dive. KUDOS to all of us, we did it!!! Of course, the island hopping will not be complete without food trip – grilled pork chop, fish, tomatoes and bunch of rice. I bet everyone enjoyed the food.

This is a triumphant adventure. Everybody was able to bring out the adventurous characteristic in him or her! Thank you so much for being sporty and brave guys. I love it, till our next exploration…

Travel. Adventure. Live. Extreme.

About the Author:  Licelyn Labrador is a sporty chic, who has a passion for exploration and loves sharing my experiences through writing to inspire people.

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