Breathing in and Breathing Out in Israel


photoBreath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. I could breathe for hours, when I stand here. I could sit in this beautiful place, just relaxing. I could let myself to be swept away by the moment, as long as I was here. I could sit here just focusing on now. When I look out over the beautiful scenery before me, there is no need to think about anything else. What I see before me are dark green, rolling, gorgeous mountains. In the morning light, they are natural and pure. They show me what this world could be like. Without hate or war, the world could be as natural, pure, and beautiful as the mountains before me. I feel like this is the most spiritual place I have ever been to. I feel like thousands of wishes, dreams, spirits, and hopes are floating around me. With everything that I think I feel going I going on around me, I have to realize that I am barely physically moving. I am standing relaxed, at peace. I also feel that, here, I’m spiritually at peace.

You might ask where this place is. This place where I feel so at peace and at home. The place that grants me a kind of fulfillment I never experienced before. I am standing on a balcony in Tzfat, overlooking the Golan Heights. Tzfat is in the north of Israel. It is a place full of rich history and stories just waiting to be discovered. The people who live there are almost as unique as the place itself. It is often thought of as Israel best kept secret. It is a secret that should be shared, yet only with certain people. It is a secret that has been well kept and preserved. It is a secret full of wisdom and knowledge. This little town, this secret, is full of people from all over the world who have come to find something special. They also feel the special feeling that you can only experience in Tzfat.

Tzfat has a kind of pull to certain people. It has a quaint aura about it. It has a spiritual feel that people in a certain mindset can truly enjoy. You have to be open to relaxing and taking your surroundings in. You have to be open to learning from what’s around you, and in turn teaching the people around you what you can. In Tzfat, you are given the opportunity to share your knowledge, abilities, and experiences with the people around you. But Tzfat is more than physical place.

Most people say that Jerusalem is the most spiritual place in Israel. I consider Tzfat to be one of the most spiritual places in Israel. But those people probably have never experienced Tzfat like I have. Tzfat is a different kind of spiritual. Tzfat is quiet. Tzfat is beautifully simple. Tzfat is the kind of place that allows you to take a step back and appreciate life. Tzfat allows you to take life one step at a time. Tzfat allows you to forget about time and remember to be in the now. Tzfat allows you to breathe. So breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out.

About the Author: Sarina Maurice is currently a student. She was born in Israel, but is American and British as well.

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