A hidden lake found in Los Angeles


A_hidden_lake_foundYou would never know it driving down one of the most famous boulevards in North America. Tucked behind a gate and down a short path. A place fit for a UNESCO World Heritage Site (in my opinion).

It’s a discovery you tend to make if it calls to you. I know that sounds very New Age, so let me re-phrase. In my experience you have to be ready to find it. More than likely someone you know may even bring you when it’s time. It is in the LA County, but far from “la la land”.

In a way it is a place within a place and the epitome of coexistence. It’s a place where all religions are welcome and have small stone pillars denoting five religious symbols. They have sessions that introduce meditation techniques and spiritual weekend services. There are places to sit, think, read and write. You can even take a circular stroll through the well-managed gardens that surround a miniature lake (apparently the only spring fed lake in Los Angeles).

On that stroll you will find petite waterfalls, manicured grounds (but not too manicured), waterfowl of several types (ducks, swans etc.), and The Gandhi Peace Memorial. The later is enough to stop you in your tracks. There is also a reproduction of a historic 16th Century Dutch windmill, a Mississippi-style houseboat, and The Mill House (where guests can meditate). Unlike my normal food related finds, there is no restaurant and I didn’t notice if the gift shop sold snacks.

You can let yourself feel like a Monk for several minutes, hours or all day (at least during their opening hours). This place always reminds me that simpler is probably the better way for human beings to live.

It’s the kind of place that makes you question much of your life and where time seems to stand still. You can waste time elsewhere, but I doubt you’d waste very much here. If normal everyday life didn’t drag me in, I could really spend days on end. You can be sure the remark, ”I treasured my time spent there,” is an understatement.

I don’t want to be selfish and keep it all to myself. I do want it to find you when you are ready, like it did me. With that said, I will keep it’s public name hidden, except for the likes of powerful search engines.

If you do determine where this place is, you will find out very quickly that it’s founder had many thoughts and teachings. I wrote one of my own (below) while recalling several visits. I thought much about my inspirations to travel and write while visiting the hidden lake and gardens. Maybe you’ll have your own, “self realization findings” there (a little hint if the search engines aren’t helping you by now).

A Little World Traveler’s Saying “Being a traveler who loves to discover the world, it isn’t easy to choose one place over another, but if given the choice – I’d stay!”

About the AuthorJeff Shoer: Having traveled the earth in search of a happy stomach, Jeff continues to follow a path to spiritual and food loving destinations. He hopes to walk off the calories en-route to more great tastes and finds.

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