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IMG_20140205_212158593I will always be grateful to my grandmother for taking me to a place that once I laid eyes on; I knew I would never forget. Ever since I was ten I longed to visit London. Three years later I got my wish and found myself on a seven hour plane ride heading towards discovery and inspiration. Most importantly, I was closing in on a part of my heart that I never knew existed.

Upon landing, it seemed as though my eyes were being pulled in every direction. Large regal statues, double deck buses, grand bridges, monumental buildings, and towers all surrounded me! Riding on top of a double decker bus was exciting; it was as though I was driving in the air. I first familiarized myself with a very busy square known as Piccadilly Circus. I felt alive and thrived on this energetic part of London. The several statues and fountains it presented also gave this square a sense of closeness, as if it were a place of gathering among friends.

I discovered an immeasurable amount of history and importance all throughout London. Something I had never felt so strongly before in any of my other travels. It spoke to me, like a hidden passion now ever so present in my mind. For example, when we reached the Tower of London it struck me as a royal settlement. Though it held the crown and embellishments of the king and queen I learned that it was also a prison which had performed torturous methods. In my young mind, London was just a magical place, the violent history of the Tower made me realize that there was a story within every building and landmark.
Statues of horses and men were a common sight, and the London eye; one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world towered over the lake. Nearby were the Houses of Parliament and the Elizabeth Tower; also known as Big Ben. The Houses of Parliament posed as a meeting ground for the House of Commons and Lords. To me it was a symbol of strength and endurance seeing as it had been demolished in the past due to a fire, and then reconstructed. The Elizabeth Tower was a new design added during this time, which I believe enhanced, the already striking feature of the Houses of Parliament.

Perhaps the most awe inspiring place I discovered in London was Buckingham Palace. Starting as a townhouse and becoming the official palace of the royal monarch, Buckingham Palace carries a diversity that amazed me. There was a time when only invited guests were allowed inside these majestic halls. Even though I did not get a chance to enter Buckingham Palace, there was no question on how important this place was. A large statue known as the Victoria Memorial stands in front of the main gates. The men standing guard outside in military uniforms clearly showed how over the years the Palace has maintained a high presence of power.

I wished I could have longer enjoyed and learned about the city of London. It has lived through many downfalls and triumphs over the years, capturing the interest of many visitors including myself. There is an air of mystery hovering over the city, and I truly felt like I was meant to be a part of it. The heart of London is not plainly visible to citizens or tourists. It is discovered.

About the Author: Traveling is a joy like no other for Lizette Garrido . Having been born in New York and now living in Arizona, I long to voyage to different far away lands. Even though it’s been 11 years, I dearly wish to return back to London and explore the entire city.

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