Celebration, Gratitude and BRAVE-ish Adventures: Niver’s June News 2024


June News 2024 with Lisa Niver & We Said Go Travel:

I am GRATEFUL to YOU for all your support for me, my memoir, my events, my videos. Thank you to everyone who came out to my book talk at Barnes & Noble at The Grove. Thank you to our giveaway sponsors: Fairmont Century Plaza, Ricardo Beverly Hills, PADI and Holocaust Museum LA. The most giant THANKS to BJ Korros of The Hollywood Moment for the fantastic interview!

Thank you Southern California Journalism Awards! What an honor to WIN second place in TWO CATEGORIES for my podcast and be a finalist in SIX! Thank you for watching and listening to MAKE YOUR OWN MAP.

As seen in the JEWISH JOURNAL: Jewish Journal travel writer Lisa Niver earned two second place honors for her podcast: Audio Journalism-Podcast for her “Make Your Own Map” episode titled, “Heroes of the Holocaust: A Small Light.” Niver also earned second place honors for Personality Profile/Interview, Non-Entertainment Personalities (over 10 minutes) – audio journalism for her interview series “We Said Go Travel” episode titled, “Journey into the World of Wanderlust: Samantha Brown, Travel Goddess.” Niver was also a finalist for best Online Journalist, Independent, Podcast Host and her episodes with Christie Tate and Andrew McCarthy.

Thank you PASADENA MAGAZINE for my TWO PRINT articles:

Ingredient: Pesto Takes Flight: A famed garnish journeys from Genoa to the rest of the world

Whatever Floats Your Boat: Travel journalist Lisa Niver navigates the adventures aboard Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas.

I had the honor of working with Tylenol as a Brand Partner this summer as a travel expert! Read my article: Conquering Summer Travel Aches.

Where do you want to travel next? Raja Ampat, Indonesia is the top of my bucket list along with Antarctica. Join me for scuba diving next year and other BRAVE-ish adventures.

@leaveyourmarkpodcast New on the podcast: @LisaNiver on Being Brave-ish, Leaving Relationships that Don't Serve You, and Removing Can't From Your Vocabulary Lisa Niver has traveled in far-off locales from Vanuatu to Nepal, received numerous accolades as an award-winning travel expert who has explored 102 countries and six continents, and is the founder of the website WeSaidGoTravel, what people don’t realize is that this began from the wreckage of a rotten romance.   As a newlywed, Lisa was on the adventure of a lifetime. She had quit her job, rented her condo, and traveled around Asia. To the outside world, Lisa was a woman living out her dreams of exploring ancient ruins in Cambodia and seeing orangutans in Borneo. She kept a dark secret in private: an abusive relationship. But, when she found herself lying on a sidewalk in Thailand, looking up at the sky in severe pain, she knew things had to change. At age forty- seven, Niver found the courage to set course on a new life.   Feeling like a failure, pushing fifty, and moving home to her parents' house to start again from scratch, Lisa began taking one tiny "brave-ish" step at a time to take her life far away from the old one and into the adventurous world of travel writing. These small hurdles led to the challenge of trying fifty new things before turning fifty. From diving into shipwrecks, swimming with sharks, bobsledding at 3Gs, indulging in wild escapades, Lisa found herself traversing the world on a journey of reinvention, personal growth, and discovering what it actually means to be "brave."   Her new book Brave-ish: One Breakup, Six Continents, and Feeling Fearless After Fifty, chronicles Lisa’s inspiring expeditions to distant corners of the world, including Myanmar, Cuba, Morocco, Kenya, and Mongolia, but this is more than a travelogue. Brave-ish inspires readers to dream big, take risks, and embrace the unknown to create a life filled with wonder and excitement, even when courage seems elusive.   In this episode, Lisa shares how she saved herself, took risks, embraced the unknown, and pressed the reset button when she fell off track. She also shares how she taught herself to rest, not quit. Lisa's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of perseverance.    #podcastinterview #badrelationships #solotravel #newbook #braveish #abuseawareness ♬ original sound – LEAVE YOUR MARK Podcast

Thank you to Aliza Licht for interviewing me on her LEAVE YOUR MARK podcast, and to Lori Adams-Brown for interviewing me on A World of Difference Podcast.

Thank you Christine Winebrenner Irick for including me in the Soul of Travel book-i-sode!

Lisa’s book is the memoir detailing how she completed fifty crazy challenges and dares after turning fifty to reinvent herself after her divorce. Brave-ish is for people who might not feel that brave, “and who are trying to figure out what to do next. Small steps lead to big changes,” she encourages. She enjoys sharing all of her experiences and her travels in different mediums and online, and is thrilled to be the narrator in the audiobook version of Brave-ish. Listen to Christine’s episode with Lisa.

Thank you to Dave Kiley for honoring my friend, Nancy Ford-Dunn’s daughter, Ellame, by doing 5 marathons in 5 nights.

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Fortune Cookie SAID:

Let the summer sun ignite your spirit and travel inspire your soul. Adventure awaits!

Do you love audiobooks? My memoir, Brave-ish, is available on all audio platforms! Did you know that authors have to audition to narrate their books? Are you connected to the GRAMMYs? Please nominate me for the SPOKEN WORD CATEGORY for the Grammys!

I continue to hope and pray for the hostages to be returned to Israel and for peace and safety for all of us on our planet.

More PHOTOS coming soon from my book event at Barnes & Noble and the Press Club Awards! Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me at my book event!

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Lisa Ellen Niver

Lisa Niver is an award-winning travel expert who has explored 102 countries on six continents. This University of Pennsylvania graduate sailed across the seas for seven years with Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Renaissance Cruises and spent three years backpacking across Asia. Discover her articles in publications from AARP: The Magazine and AAA Explorer to WIRED and Wharton Magazine, as well as her site WeSaidGoTravel. On her award nominated global podcast, Make Your Own Map, Niver has interviewed Deepak Chopra, Olympic medalists, and numerous bestselling authors, and as a journalist has been invited to both the Oscars and the United Nations. For her print and digital stories as well as her television segments, she has been awarded three Southern California Journalism Awards and two National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards and been a finalist twenty-two times. Named a #3 travel influencer for 2023, Niver talks travel on broadcast television at KTLA TV Los Angeles, her YouTube channel with over 2 million views, and in her memoir, Brave-ish, One Breakup, Six Continents and Feeling Fearless After Fifty.

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