Marathon Madness – in memory of Ellame Ford-Dunn


5 evening marathons in 5 days in memory of the lovely Ellame Ford-Dunn💜

I wanted to share David Kiley’s fundraiser in honor of my friend, Nancy Ford-Dunn’s daughter.

Kiley wrote that he “is running 5 marathons in 5 days to raise funds for a very special charity YOU RAISE ME UP who have been supporting a very special family, our lovely neighbours from across the street the Ford-Dunns.

Two years ago, Nancy & Ken Ford-Dunn tragically lost their 16 year old daughter Ellame to suicide. Their son Arthur has been my son James’ best friend ever since we moved to Upper Beeding (nearly 10 years ago) they also have a younger daughter Frankie.

Clearly this tragedy ripped a hole in the family and I think that everyone in our little village has been deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Ellame. There’s not a day that passes where they are not in our thoughts.

Ellame was such a bright bundle of energy and was so mischievously funny. Since her passing Nancy has been courageously campaigning on her behalf and bringing awareness to others about predators who are not always the typical dodgy looking bloke that mum warned you about, sometimes it can be ‘normal looking’ folk, who you least expect. Nancy’s tireless work is truly inspirational and vitally important to bringing awareness to keep all of our children safe!

This is the reason that I am doing this challenge. I know that it is going to be very tough (my feet hurt just thinking about it!) but when the going gets tough, it will be Ellame and the Ford-Dunn’s struggle that will be my motivation to push on through and power me up to run the 131 miles over 5 days.

Thank you to my amazing employer HJ BURT who paid my £175 entry fee for me to be able to undertake this mega challenge so I can raise funds for this awesome charity.

YOU RAISE ME UP’s support has been invaluable and the work they do concerning mental health and emotional support is so needed for them and others in the community.

You Raise Me Up supports families after the death of a child aged 16-25.

The charity provides compassion, support and simply to be able to say “we totally understand” rather than “we cannot imagine what you are going through”.


They have trained, experienced counsellors available to help families through these dark times. They also run monthly support groups, where you can meet other families going through similar emotions and start to feel less alone. Their support centre and community cafe in Polegate is a comfortable welcoming space for all and they are solely reliant on sponsorship to keep their vital organisation going. This will likely be the last time I take on a challenge of this magnitude so if you can sponsor to this worthy cause please do. Thank you Dave”

Nancy on Jan Broberg’s podcast: I Have Something To Say : A Mother’s Perspective On Child Sexual Abuse With Nancy Nancy shared with me that “You may have heard of Jan Broberg… there is a Neflix documentary about her story called “abducted in plain sight” and she has a series on sky called “a friend of the family.” She is an incredible advocate for those who have suffered childhood sexual abuse.”


Marathon Madness – Monday 17 June – Friday 21st June ROUTE:

Day 1 – Worthing Promenade Marathon
Worthing Promenade starting at Splash point running the Worthing Parkrun route, runners will run 3.28  miles west along the promenade and back 8 times.

Day 2 – Goring Marathon
Sea Lane Café, Marine Crescent, Worthing , race starts at green adjacent to sea lane café and will run miles east towards Worthing and return 10 times.

Day 3 – Highdown Hill Marathon
Highdown car park, the route will go from car park and use a circular route around Highdown Hill 10 times up to marathon distance.

Day 4 – The River Run Marathon
A run from Shoreham Toll Bridge up the river and back down the Downslink.

Day 5 – Widewater Marathon
Widewater, Shoreham Beach starting at the car park at Widewater Lagoon the route will go towards Lancing Beach green where the runners will return and complete this 8 times up to marathon distance.

Tribute to Ellame on MuchLoved

Nancy and Ken carried the Baton of Hope in honor of Ellame–watch the video, Baton of Hope UK: Brighton, 5th July 2023. “The Baton of Hope came to Brighton, and was carried by 90 people, either in memory of a loved one lost to suicide, or in honour of their own survival.”

Nancy on The Trusted Friend PodcastSensitive Topics of Sexual Abuse and Suicide “Nancy, a resilient mother, is committed to raising awareness about the insidious tactics predators employ to build trust and create a false sense of security. Tragically, her daughter fell victim to the abusive actions of her best friend’s husband, succumbing to the lasting impact of the abuse and ultimately taking her own life.  Now, Nancy is on a mission to share her story, shedding light on the importance of recognizing and combating the deceptive tactics used by predators.”

Nancy’s Story on Youtube

Nancy’s daughter was the victim of abuse from the age of 7 at the hands of a family friend. She will never regret immediately believing her brave daughter when she spoke out. She started to connect her gut feelings with past incidents from previous years, realising the importance of giving them greater attention. Her story is tragic, but she is determined to reveal some of the things she’s learned to other parents.

Something to Say


I am the parent of an abused child.

We didn’t know about the abuse that our daughter had suffered until she was 16 years old.

Eventually the flashbacks she was suffering became too much and she was brave enough to speak out about what had happened to her from the age of 7.

As is so often the case, this man was so credible. He had been one of our best friends. He was kind and charming and so “good with the kids”.

Sadly, that means that there are some people who believe him when he says he is innocent.

But what else would he say?

We grew up believing that the “dirty old man” was the one to watch out for. Warned of “stranger danger”.

We were not told that the vast majority of these crimes are carried out by someone we know.

And often, the last person you’d imagine.

If a child tells you they have been abused, believe them.

These perpetrators are skilled at grooming adults as much as the child.

Think critically! And follow your gut – if something feels “off” it probably is.

Lucy Faithfull Foundation to Prevent Child Abuse

Stop It Now  

National Association for People Abused in Childhood

Victim Connect Link

Sexual Assault Hotline

National Sexual Assault Hotlines/Links

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