Five Favorites: Lisa’s Travel Must-Haves


Lisa Niver, travel guru and creator of We Said Go Travel, knows a thing or two about making travel easier. She’s been to over one hundred countries and six continents, and has narrowed down her travel must-haves to these items. She doesn’t go anywhere without them, so maybe you shouldn’t either!

1. Kindle

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The Kindle is a travel must. It’s the only way to pack as many extra books as you want, with no additional weight! And the genius screen design makes it easy to read outdoors, unlike the iPad. This one has a 6-inch glare free, touchscreen display and is wifi ready. Whether on the hiking trail or by the pool, this Kindle has you covered.

2. Eagle Creek Daypack

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The Eagle Creek Daypack is perfect for hiking or any short-term vacation where you can pack light. If you are taking a long trip and need a smaller backpack for mini excursions, this backpack is a great, lightweight option.

3. Four Wheeled Suitcase

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This Skyway suitcase makes life at the airport a million times easier. A four wheeled system adds increased mobility, perfect for close quarters, like crowded airports and train stations. The bright color makes it easy to spot, and the hard case design protects your belongings.

4. Becca Swimsuit

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Lisa loves her Becca swimsuit. Becca swimwear is durable, comfortable and has added shelf support. They come in a variety of fun patterns, giving you plenty of options, no matter if you are packing for Tahiti or Tahoe.

5. Comfortable, Travel Ready Pants

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A long day of airports and train rides demands easy to wear clothing. These Everyday Pants by Lucy are perfect for travel, with chafe-resistant seams, elastic closure, and invisible zip pockets. The moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool, even when you’re walking all day through muggy Florence.

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Cameryn Frost

Cameryn Frost lives in Los Angeles, where she works in television, writes novels, and writes on travel. Her favorite places in the world include Edinburgh and Budapest. She considers herself a nerd on anything science fiction and fantasy related, and is an incurable know-it-all.

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