During #COVID19 Quarantine & Curfew, Are You Searching for Pretty Good Advice?


I read Pretty Good Advice: For People Who Dream Big and Work Harder by Leslie Blodgett during quarantine for Covid-19. I wanted to share some of her tips in case you need advice during this uncertain and unpredictable time.

Risk makes you afraid. You don’t get to choose whether or not to be afraid. Only whether to dive in, despite your fear. If you wait for the fear to go away, the opportunity will go away too. I wanted the opportunity.

If you’re not already catching on, the secret is: I choose to be lucky. This is the best trick you can play on yourself. It’s like magic. I’ve been saying I am lucky for so many decades now that my luck has taken on an almost mystical quality.

Step #1 (there is only one step): Tell yourself and others you are a lucky person. Do that and you will become one.

I got the message loud and clear. I learned how to put my own spin on things. You have to actively fight the urge to be the same as everybody else. Use your feet to lead, not follow.

Play around, learn what works, practice. This goes for any age or ability—and not just for makeup. Experiments are good. This stuff washes off.

We all have fears, foibles, weaknesses. They are what connect us: All of us are flawed.

Bloom Your Own Way 52. Imagine being a bush, or a stalk, at the first spring bloom. And instead of petals, you have pods that look like caterpillars. Kids think you are an animal, not a plant. You look strange, but you feel familiar and warm, because you are furry and fuzzy. People touch you, even though you are twiggy. You are cozy, mysterious, curious, and bare. It is perfectly natural to be both humble and bold. The pussy willow has an edge. Defy assumptions.

Because magic is happening all the time, all around us. And if you make a point of looking out for Magic Moments—and remembering them—you will always have something to celebrate.

Competition is one of the most powerful drivers, but sometimes you may need to chart a different course. Sail your own race.

You might think this sounds morbid, but reading obituaries makes you think about what people will remember about you. You wonder: Who were these people? What was their story? What are people going to say about ME when I’m gone? Oh, wow. Maybe that’s something I could actually work on NOW? How do you want people to remember you?

My rule is: There are no rules. Especially when it comes to how you want to present yourself to the world. No one should tell you what to do with your own body.

I found there’s beauty in contradiction. You are allowed to change your mind. Or have radically different answers for different situations. That’s not crazy. That’s human.

All flower photos by Lisa Niver with #LGV60ThinQ
during COVID-19 walks around the block.

Lisa Ellen Niver

Lisa Niver is an award-winning travel expert who has explored 102 countries on six continents. This University of Pennsylvania graduate sailed across the seas for seven years with Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Renaissance Cruises and spent three years backpacking across Asia. Discover her articles in publications from AARP: The Magazine and AAA Explorer to WIRED and Wharton Magazine, as well as her site WeSaidGoTravel. On her award nominated global podcast, Make Your Own Map, Niver has interviewed Deepak Chopra, Olympic medalists, and numerous bestselling authors, and as a journalist has been invited to both the Oscars and the United Nations. For her print and digital stories as well as her television segments, she has been awarded three Southern California Journalism Awards and two National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards and been a finalist twenty-two times. Named a #3 travel influencer for 2023, Niver talks travel on broadcast television at KTLA TV Los Angeles, her YouTube channel with over 2 million views, and in her memoir, Brave-ish, One Breakup, Six Continents and Feeling Fearless After Fifty.

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