My Heart Remains in Paris, France

My Heart Remains in Paris, France

After a tearful goodbye, I picked up my pillow and carry-on bags, handed my passport to the security agent, and trudged through tedious airport security. I turned back to wave to my mom one last before starting to my gate, but she was already gone. That’s when the realization set in- I was on my … Continued

Thailand: Not what I expected

While in Laos I ate sticky rice with every meal, sometimes every day. It is incredibly good and I’m going to sorely miss it. The other thing incredibly good here are the street vendor pancakes with Nutella and banana! We’ve been eating a lot of those as well as stir fried chicken with cashew and … Continued

Walking the Streets of Utila

Walking the Streets of Utila,  Honduras After breakfast we decide to see if we can catch a ferry to the Cays. The sun is sweltering. “Its about 80 something degrees,” a girl says to her mother on the phone. An older man who calls himself Papi tells me to stay away from barrio anglais. “It’s … Continued

The Dawn of a New Life in Mumbai, India

As I stood in the Mumbai hospital halls surrounded with the three most important men in my life, tears seeped deep into my heart when we heard of my mother’s diagnosis soon after she was rushed from the hospital room to the ICU with chest congestion. I was attempting to stay strong while my father, … Continued


What was I doing, stuck in a cave, crawling on my hands and middle-aged knees, my face barely inches from some overweight man’s butt? He was stuck and now, so was I.  Not just stuck because of his size—he was a big, burly, macho Italian guy, but more, because of his ego. He wanted to … Continued

Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun

Since a young age, I have had an odd relationship with fear. During the day, I would revel in light and ward off my irrational fears with rays of lazy sunshine. However, the night would bring with it the worries I had shoved away into the shadows. Due to my experiences with the deaths of … Continued

The District in the USA

The District Across our nation, scores of cities and towns possess touchstones for discovery, but for Washingtonians, our city—the District—is America’s touchstone of bravery all by herself. Positioned in the center of Interstate 495, along the Potomac River, the modern world’s bedrock for democracy and the American spirit swell from activity and activism. Wrapped in … Continued

The Dominican Republic Heart of the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic  Heart of the Caribbean         This past summer I had an experience that changed my life, I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a small country on the island of Hispaniola.  The Dominican Republic has a population of more than ten million people, 41% … Continued

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