The District in the USA


The District

Across our nation, scores of cities and towns possess touchstones for discovery, but for Washingtonians, our city—the District—is America’s touchstone of bravery all by herself.

Positioned in the center of Interstate 495, along the Potomac River, the modern world’s bedrock for democracy and the American spirit swell from activity and activism.

Wrapped in passion, the city swells of change and motivation, as the sun stretches its arms.

Arriving from every state and territory, voices chant for resolution, participate in duels of ideology and draft compromises of substance for the continuity of the Republic.

Yet such a place as America’s capital city chooses not to limit herself to her constitutional role, but opens her arms to embrace much more.

Mimicking her parents of Paris and London, the great municipality, designed by L’Enfant and arranged by Banneker, welcomes its visitors to the halls of science, art, and history.

From the U.S. Capitol Building to the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian ranges from Botany to Aeronautics, classical and modern art, ethnical and U.S. history along the National Mall for the immoderate admission of free.

By presenting edifices of former presidents, fallen soldiers, and civil rights leaders, she introduces humility to every guest. Whether foreign or local, her majesty leaves the most proud infirm, and yet despite her sirenous reminder of your humanity, she guides you to the path of bravery left by your fathers.

At every corner, reminders of the past announce themselves.

From dozens of inaugurations to ‘I Have A Dream’, she beats the drum of America.

Beginning from the Capitol, the city splits into four quadrants making the shape of a diamond, while creating layers of culture beyond the advertised Federal District.

For it is this part of her that tickles generations of congressional staffers to desire a long career here beyond their boss’s term.

On every street, the District sings her life, celebrating the unique sounds of her sons Sousa, Ellington and Gaye. As her silver screen daughters Goldie and Taraji embrace their character, her comedian sons and daughters Chapelle, Black and Dreyfus found a laugh, all the while, Bill Nye, America’s science guy, discovered his charge.

Housing handfuls of universities and institutions, minds of all human endeavor impact the District and being such the lady, her manners return the favor with a Northern alertness and a Southern charm.

Athwart the city, such impacting, allows food trucks to position themselves along parks, while District staples like Ben’s Chilli Bowl, Horace And Dickies and Banana Cafe welcome Busboys And Poets and Uniontown Bar&Grill as unique District spots for eating, discussion, and social change.

From the folding-chair enclosed tables of dozens of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions to the Resolute Desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the District lends herself daily to fulfill the prophecy of the unfinished pyramid atop the barren landscape.

It is impossible not to glare and look around that the motivation for heroism and bravery. More than existing within confines of the diamond city, it is impossible for one not feel its potency in the suburbs and throughout the nation. Though politics tends to regularly introduce himself, our nation encourages focus, causing the District to shine all the more and remind even our most native guest that there is more to be done.

Here is the path that your fathers left behind.

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