Peaceful Travels in Germany

Peaceful Travels in Germany

Peaceful Travels in Germany Maria Posada says, “I belong to no one.” I say, “I belong to no one place.” Traveling the world is my aim and each time I globe-trot my heart thumps with a sense of joy and freedom that no woe could ever touch. I am twenty-four, and chapter twenty-five of my … Continued

A Week to Remember: One Week in France

March 26 marked the beginning of my travels and my first official solo travel. I walked through a gray and drizzly Bologna, neon orange backpack stuffed and on my back, tote-bag in hand, to the train station, where I caught a bus to the airport, and from there I boarded a plane to Paris. Yes, … Continued

Singing in the Rain in the UK

  PLAY ME, I’M YOURS slants across the side of it, white on wood. It is chain-bolted to the cement floor of Liverpool Station. London sunshine points through the window frames at cluster of seven Christian college students staring.  “There it is. Finally, after two hours of Tube hopping… we found one.” The stool bleats … Continued

Last-Hour Beach, Ghana

It is quite delightful, thoughtful and insightful to unfold the trend of events coupled with certain scenario which specifically take place at the subject-line setting which is located in the ‘Western Region’ of the nation, Ghana.(West Africa) ‘Last Hour’ literally ‘End Period’ in a view-point or perspective of the ordinary person on the street. For so … Continued

I Left My Heart In Kenya

Every night I slid between the course fabric sheets of the small upper bunk, I could feel the crossbars of the crudely constructed frame through the thin foam mattress; yet it was a welcome respite from the weariness accrued from the long day’s events.  I caught the smoky fragrance, like a campfire, emanate from a … Continued

Be Brave in the USA

“Be brave,” I commanded myself while riding the subway downtown. I had whispered those encouraging words under my breath a lot since having moved to New York City four months prior.  I was the girl who needed to keep being brave.  Starting a new job had been scary enough, but when my new career as … Continued

Bahamas: “I Love You Too”

Peaks of a golden sun glowed through the palm tree leaves as the glistening aqua water gently greeted the shore. Meanwhile, the house was as quiet as a church during prayer. I crept down the ladder from the loft and wandered into the kitchen to make my initial cup of coffee. Easing the door open, … Continued

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