The Paraguayan Twist

The Paraguayan Twist

It was as I was walking out of the airport, being hit in the face by the dry heat and bright sun, surrounded by dark-skinned natives wearing sandals and drinking terrere. Or perhaps it was as I sat in the taxi, sans air-conditioner, riding along the city’s highway measuring at 3 metres wide, whilst peering … Continued

Rainforest Retreat in Australia

Rainforest Retreat I’d closed down my life in Vancouver, Canada to embark on a new life in Byron Bay, Australia.  True Love requires us to be brave and take chances.  Only problem – it wasn’t true love.  Don’t you hate when that happens?             I needed to retreat – freak out in private – and … Continued

Ireland Sings of Courage

     I’ve been living on soda bread and black tea for nearly a week. The sun has been slumbering for twice as long, cradled somewhere behind the wooly gray canopy of clouds. The locals speak lyrically, though, brightening the days. Poetry rolls off their tongues even if they are complaining about growing paler from … Continued

Je Suis Paris.

The year 2013 was a bad year, to say the least. I had nothing to show for it except a failed marriage, the sale of my first home, and the emotional baggage that could rival that of Britney Spears, circa 2007. And all before the age of 30. I had hit a very low point … Continued

Her Beauty and My Bravery in India

Her Beauty and My Bravery in India Stood there before me was this ancient piece of architectural wonder.The Gopuram(tower like structure of Hindu temples),erected in the shores of this, once bustling port city,Mahabalipuram,in Tamil nadu of South India, would make anyone gape with wonder of how the people of 700AD, with no engineering advancement and … Continued

Skippy in Guyana

My momma told me how Guyana would have festivals and the people would laugh and cheer. There was children that would laugh while she played on the field. All this excitement brought me joy knowing I have my ticket to experience the land of feeling something. I packed my bags and walked to the plane … Continued

Ft. Lauderdale, Big Building -Bigger Boat

Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale Big Building – Bigger Boat      Ft. Lauderdale has beautiful beaches with fabulous hotels, and to vacation here is like staying in paradise. Waking up in the morning and looking out the window to see sandy white beaches dotted with palm trees leading out to a turquoise ocean that is just … Continued

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